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Run across anything cool recently? Doesn't matter what it is, just post a link so we can all see what caught your attention.

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I also check these 2 blogs a couple times a week, just to see what Pru is up to.





If you run into Pru online , please tell her that I said hello. I'm going to read those blogs when things are less hectic.
Will do Merry. We exchange an occasional email, and I hoping she will come to the meet up in Feb.



This is a great site to use to patronize artisans & self-employed folks.

I like to spend my money in places like this for things for myself & for gifts (like Christmas presents, birthdays, etc.)

rather than at big retail stores/dept. stores.




I was going to copy & paste my favorite Etsy shops, but I went to do that & discovered that I have several pages of favorite shops! So, you're welcome to check them out on my etsy profile, if you'd like. My username there is Taylorsbkyd. yeah, some of you oldies have seen that before, no doubt. Now it makes sense why some folks from the original tbd come through & shout "Taylor!" on threads when they see me. '-)

Some very funny stuff here.




I found this interesting. A museum dedicated to bad art.



I ran across one the other day. It's www.lumosity.com

Take a look, I enjoyed it.



That is a very interesting site Grace.

Good I'm glad you looked it up.




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