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It seems that we all are subject to some degree of some form of control by other humans. I recently found myself in a situation where someone else decided that in a social networking situation they would exercise absolute control of my conduct and do it in an arbitrary manner. I chose to not allow that. The only way I could not allow the other person to exercise such unexpected control was to stop posting on that site. So, I decided to do just that.
This particular situation is not very important in the grand scale of human conduct since it was a site that was and is used strictly for the intellectual enjoyment of the participants. However, it did bring up some questions that are important to the human condition.
Is there any part of our lives that is not subject to control by others?

Who decides how much control we are subjected to in our daily lives?

What is the proper amount of societal control required to establish and sustain a working society?

How much of your personal freedom are you willing to give up in order to have a safe secure society in which to live?

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Sme, You just controlled the entrance to my DT. I spit coffee all over my computer screen.
I always had a sneaking suspicion though KarenSme. For the next hour, SME will control all that you see and hear.
Ms Farquar
You will require proper representation.

BTW the above song "Lawyers, Guns, and Money" always makes me remember one of my all time favorite TV shows.
"Miami Vice"
I agree with Brine, control is an illusion. Whether it is someone "thinking" they have control of me and others, or even myself thinking that I have control over me... I think there are only choices, some with hoped for, and some with unintended consequences, but mostly we're out of control just like TBD ... To me it's uncanny how so many things in life work out for the good, like some big coinkidinky........... As far as others trying to control us in our personal lives, it's mostly humorous, until they cross "the line". That's when we need to make our choices, and hope for the best .........
I was thinking much the same thing, Jack. Especially about our perceived control over ourselves. I think, though,that many times when others are trying to control us in personal relationships, it's an attempt to get control over themselves. It always seems to me like a cry to get their needs met, not realizing they have the power to meet those needs themselves.

On a larger scale, there is always that struggle between control and autonomy, and the struggle itself is a good thing. We have outgrown the need to hunt and gather for ourselves, so in order to create civilization and community, some control must be maintained. Learning to be a human and relating to other humans means constantly deciding when the control is acceptable and necessary and when it has crossed personal boundaries, and then communicating those decisions peaceably.
Ahhh! I know now that all of you will continue this particular thread since I left for work this morning because I have programmed you to do so, and although I did not monitor your responses during the day, I can see that you are all in agreement with the way that I have chosen you to think and write.

Whew. My life is hard with all you kids meeting in these little groups!

Carry on!

I have always been in control of myself.
Shoot, I talk to myself all the time.
I agree with this 100%---you have to allow someone to control you--ain't gonna happen to this lady--no---no
Enjoy this brief musical interlude with some interesting lyrics on this subject.
If it comes off as a bummer, I apologize...

TSD, I think it fit right in with the rest of the discussion. Good choice.




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