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We haven't had a good confessional on here for a while. I'll start. I sometimes lie to strangers in a bar about where I'm from or what I do. I even use a fake name sometimes. Especially if they are a little creepy and coming on strong. Your turn.

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I'm crying and salivating at the same time...what a mess.

To the corner Darkhairblueeyes until you learn to share.
Be careful Darkhairblueeyes, divorce will make you crave all sorts of food!!!!!!!
When someone ask me where I am from ,I make up a country like "Kabrastan "and tell them it is right beside California and it is fun to watch the expression ;-)
When asked about my 'political persuasion', I tell folks that I am registered as a "UTOPIAN ANARCHIST". Indeed the perplexed look upon their faces is quite humorous!
Is that anything like a social libertarian?
I confess that when the firefighters were out washing their fire truck this morning, some of them not wearing shirts, I drove around the block again to get another look! :-)
Callipyge, ran 4 cars off the road and an 80 year old lady is thinking of trying out for the Olympic high jump team.
This isn't the the Start a Rumor thread, lol!




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