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We haven't had a good confessional on here for a while. I'll start. I sometimes lie to strangers in a bar about where I'm from or what I do. I even use a fake name sometimes. Especially if they are a little creepy and coming on strong. Your turn.

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Yes, I'm on top for a change.
I confess that back in college a buddy (to be nameless) and myself bought a chicken for $2 and put in the president's private dining room on a Friday night. It wasn't found until Sunday morning just a few hours prior to the big Sunday dinner which ironically was always chicken. Little presents were to be found all over the place.
Peanut M&M's....*YUM* I have a soft spot for them, too!!!
I'm guilty of that, too, but I think I could very well wipe out an entire bag. Oops.
I can't bring myself to buy the large bag, AggieK. But I do wipe out entire small bags fairly rapidly.
Am I bad?
I once ate an entire box of Girl Scout cookies (Samoas) in one sitting.
Whenever I visit people or family, I often take one of their shoes when I leave. Not the pair -- just one.

Isn't this a great idea for the Fall and winter holiday celebrations?
I'm just kidding about actually doing it. I just thought of it while looking fondly at my shoes near the doorway. ..How it would drive me berserk if someone took one of my shoes -- not the pair.

Somebody try it and post the results! Tag me!
Are you the one that's been taking just one of my pairs of socks too?
KarenSme, I'll never leave you alone with my dryer again. So much is now explained.
I like this idea. Do you put it back the next time you visit. That would really throw them.
I'm impressed, Callipyge.
Thin Mints are my weakness.
I have made homemade brownies w/ walnuts and little marshmallows with peanut butter frosting and then ate the whole pan myself..(.but it was a small pan)
Forgive me Lord, I shall never do that again...I will TRY to never do that again...oh, Lord, shoot me now!




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