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We haven't had a good confessional on here for a while. I'll start. I sometimes lie to strangers in a bar about where I'm from or what I do. I even use a fake name sometimes. Especially if they are a little creepy and coming on strong. Your turn.

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I confess. I do. Yes it is true. It is. I cannot deny it any more.

sometimes I am right out of my mind.
Ms Farquar
That was going to be my response, the bars, not the cactus.
Kate only sometimes? What happens the rest of the time?
Who knows, Bull. You may find out some day.
You mean your name isn't Barbara and you don't work in the circus and you're not from Nova Scotia?

I confess I believe people.
Anthony, check Pru's "on top" thread. I've got that taken care of.
I can understand this, B A F...
Aw Shucks, I was hoping you would come down to this bigclass room in the hills and teach me something.
Not a surprising feeling since I felt that way after 30 years of teaching and have never subbed in my life. Only if I were to get hungry would I hire on as a sub teacher.
I lurk in the explicit sex threads from time to time. Riveting stuff in there. Shhh ... don't tell anyone (although I think MMaria caught a glimpse of me the other day, I was wearing that trench coat I had on last year with the same shades and fedora ! )
Psssst...Diana... I'm over here behind the fern...I don't think MM knows I come in here... sometimes I get impatient with them and I'm so tempted to say something, but it's not worth busting my cover.
What's an explicit thread?
That thread you lost the last time you dropped it, answering some clever dude's PM /;-D




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