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Lets think about how important it is to be around our family. I have read several questions in Q&A about childhood and the closeness our families are/ were to us.

When my husband was discharged from the Navy we decided not to return to the home state but to go our own route. I see now in my children, that  a week once a year was not enough to instill love and respect for the family that lived 3 states away.I would never go the same route again.


How important do you think it is to live near your immediate family??????--

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I think it's important. I love seeing my family and Larry's family. I miss the one's who are gone terribly.

Like Quinn, we don't see each other every single day, but we know that no matter if it's good or bad, they'll be there at the drop of a hat. Close, yes, but not stifling.
When I was growing up on Long Island NY, I saw several friends who had extended families in the immediate area. My relatives were spread all over the country. I can see both have some benefits for different people.

Now my family is all over the place; a sister in Rapid City, SD and another in Albuquerque and my brother is still in Long Island. We talk occasionally and get together every few years. For those family crisis times we are all quick to react and can swarm in anywhere in a day or less. Last week for instance, to Albuquerque for my sister to support her after he husband passed away. We're not geographically close but are there when needed.
Growing up, our immediate family consists of our parents and siblings. When we marry our immediate family is our spouse and then our children. It's nice to stay near parents, siblings, aunts and uncles and cousins. Many times this isn't feasible. But it's nice if you can make it happen.
IT's important to me too, but my children may disagree.
It was important enough for us to move to another state. My parents sold the farm and moved to the Chicago area and we missed them being relatively close by so much that my husband took a new position and we moved our family. Now we're about 30 -45 mins away from them (depending on traffic) and the kids and I see them at least a couple times a week. They are an integral part of our lives. We're also much closer to my in-laws and see them quite often too. We're very fortunate to be close and have such a great relationship with both sets of parents, I know. I worry about what will happen when one of them gets sick or dies. I know it's a natural progression of life but I'm concerned about it already.




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