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Weezie and I want to go somewhere WARM, HOT IS GOOD for a week in the beginning of April. We looked at San Diego (men in uniform...) , the carribean, Hawaii, Florida, Mozambique, Vietnam, but theres nothing under $2,000. All we want is a sun tan and a little rest. Maybe a cocktail or two... ANY IDEAS PLEASE?

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Virgin America out of JFK has some great prices to the west coast.....
You don't want to come to the west coast.
One minute snow, the next minute hail, the next minute sunshine.
Thanks Darroll. I wil forward that to fly. I love the west coast, but the Florida Keys and Aruba kind of are beconning.Will let you know, thanks for participating.
Aw, you must live in Washington, where it can be rain and sunshine at the same time. As a result, we get single and double rainbows. The Seattle area has the most changable weather in the nation.
I lived in Seattle (actually N. Washington: friday harbor if you ever heard of it. I was working at a marine research facility. It rained ALOT! But here in NJ it rains ALOT, too.
Houston is warm and cheap, but only thing to look at after Rodeo leaves town is Pru.
In addition to Houston being warm and cheap, Aggie will buy you great German cuisine and beer.
Nothing wrong that, Aggie. Pru is nice.
Pru also knows how to make kolaches!
Whats that?

Kinda Czech version of donuts!
Biloxi Mississippi. You have the beaches, sun, casinos for entertainment. New Orleans is a hour away for the spice of it, you know some jazz and what not....peasefull, you can rent a condo for a week for about $ 800. and I am talking nice luxury stuff. With all the amenities. Right on the beach, if you want to go the islands the cruise is about 20 bucks....can find it cheaper....there are some TBDers who already have been here they can tell you




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