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Did you have a car that you named? One that you loved even though it didn't look good, wasn't fashionable, but got you where you wanted to go?

We had one name "Puddlejumper"

What names have you given your cars?

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I had the Grey Ghost, a 71 Pontiac Ventura. Bought it used for $1100 and drove it for 9 years. It looked like hell, but never let me down. Right now I have the Green Pickle, a 95 Chevy Lumina APV (mini van). It has stranded me twice, once the battery, and once the tramsmission. But I figure getting stranded twice in almost 12 isn't too bad.
So TBub, when you get stranded do you stand by the side of the road and show a little leg?
I used to do that Bull, (actually tried showing a lotta leg) but nobody would stop.Then I got AAA.
My old car in the 70's was a Gremlin and I called it Glump.
We had a big old '73 Buick Electra when we got married. It was affectionately known as "The Land Yacht".

Now my husband's "baby" is a big old BLACK Lincoln. The boys & I refer to it as "The Batmobile", lol!
My little red '73 MGB GT (see the other thread) was called Maggie B. She was a beauty, but something of a lemon, with her unreliable Lucas electrical system; AAA knew her well. I replaced her in '79 with Wanda the Honda, a silvery hatchback beauty.

Our first car, bought before we got married, was a turquoise '64 Dodge Dart named Dolly. Not a beauty, but very reliable; she ran for 18 years.

*The car I have now is probably the least-loved of all my cars. I have never named her.*
(I am whispering this)
Dark gray '91 Ford Orion (Escort) sedan, very economical diesel that sounds... well, terrible, but she passes inspection and doesn't look too bad. Her favorite trick is hitting me on the head with her trunk door. Second favorite: collecting mysterious dings in parking lots.
A guy from the car lot down the street said he'd give me $2000 if he could send me to the crusher....I think he was serious. I don't feel like that much of a clunker but I'm damn sure I'm not taking any polls.
my car is named LIl' Blackie, she is NOT a clunker.

The one before was named 'LIl' RED" ( a red toyota celica) not a clucker either.
I miss her.
I tell mine that, too, Sheldon, but I still don't like her much...
I want a bumper sticker that says: "Honk if I bought your (now completely destroyed by the Federal Government) clunker". Wow. What a bargain!
But in answer to the question here: I've only had one car that had a name (it was a car my parents owned when I was in High School actually, in 1976). It was a 1964 Maroon colored Dodge Dart that my grandmother had owned before us and she had taken immaculate care of it. it ran great!

Someone remarked "it looks just like a little cranberry!" So it became "Cranberry" and then eventually, just "Cran".




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