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O.k., lets hear it. Do you love it, hate it, or can take it or leave it? What do you consider absolutely necessary? What luxury can you not live with out (me? fresh ground coffee and real Half and Half!)? What is your favorite place camp? Are you a tent camper, a travel trailer or a Class A camper? Wood camp fires with smores?

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I remember going every year to my Aunt Dot's brother's permanently placed trailer at Myrlte Beach. It was wonderful. And I love the Smokey Mountains, especially in the fall. Used to go to Cades Cove with my twin sister, Mom and Grandmother almost every year.
I consider it camping in I am in a less than four star hotel
we used to go camping when my brother and I were small now we just go to my parents prpoerty once in awhile and camp.
I used to like camping on a weekend when I was in 20's.
Forget it now.
I am outside enough at work. When I get a day off. I want to stay inside.
In my marriage vows, my spousal unit said he would do anything but dancing and camping. I love to camp (tent and sleeping bag) but rarely get to. He relented and we did a one day camping, one day hotel alternating trip to the black hills and yellow stone. It was WONDERFUL! We spent a week and a half touring around that area!
Wow, that was in your vows!

I really want to see Yellowstone and the Black Hills area. Some of the people we were camping with this past weekend were headed to Yellowstone in a couple weeks. They were going to spend about 4 weeks.
Yellowstone is the greatest place to camp. Grant Village has all you could want in a campground. Eating, Stores, Fuel, Showers and great views of the lake esp, early in the morning with a cup of coffee. I go there to get my batteries recharged as often as I can.

Tons of Wildlife to see. Just don't be STUPID and feed the critters. Thay are not made to injest any type of human food!
Ten years ago, after a divorce, I bought a large travel trailer . My job carries me from one plant to another across the south, where I usually stay anywhere from a few weeks to several months. Most of the time I can find a spot on a river or lake to park, sometimes State or National parks. I essentially live my life camping out. I love it. I have an outdoor kitchen that I use most of the time barring very bad weather. I have a fishing kayak that I carry with me, for my few and far between off days. I doubt that I would change it even if I had a job in one place. I plan to retire and travel the country until I tire of it.
I would love to travel the country once I retire. Just drive where the road takes us and stay until we are ready to move to the next place. See the whole country and maybe even Canada and Mexico.
Love camping. Favorite place to camp is Grouse Lake in the California side of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Nothing better than drinking campfire coffee on a cool mountain morning!
Yes, had bacon both mornings. Not only that but someone else cooked it! Even better!
I love camping...tent although I do have a very nice air mattress now and still drag it out of the tent sometimes to sleep under the stars. I live in Oregon so there are thousands of cool places to camp in the mountains and on the coast. One of the best things is the camp fire...ahhh sounds like it is time to load up and go ..supposed to be an beautiful weekend.




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