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breaking news!!! Congress beginning impeachment proceeding against OBAMA!!!! yipeeee

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That guy looks crazy. Does he always look like that?

well, yep. I would say so.

not sure how you can evaluate on what you believe he appears to be Bob. but go right ahead. I'd believe him over main stream media any day. at least he reports the news. not who won American Idol. or any of the mindless bother stuff. Alex Jones has top ratings all across the board. Most you lib's seem to like MSNBC check the ratings, Alex Jones's channel blow them away in viewership.  Why?

What you left out, Tool, is that there's also not one goddamn bit of editorial oversight regarding factuality,verification,  honesty or responsibility to any reader or listener that doesn't already believe 100% of what's getting shoveled out by these guys.

And, be honest - The vast majority of these clowns are bloggers with delusions of grandeur and who are also selling ad space on their sites - Not accredited news sources in any way. The more hits they get, the more money they make. They're just as guilty of sensationalism and flat-out bullshit as any Hollywood gossip site.

Actually I get most of my news the old fashion way. I read the newpaper everyday and watch network news.

doesn't sound like a safe way to me. I'd expand a little and compare the news sources against each other.

there's lots of news sources out there. it's becoming more and more evident to me, that traditional main stream media is not relevant, nor is it truthful and losing it's influence in a massive wave. If you don't like Alex Jones then I'd try something else. but whatever you do expand your horizons, challenge your sources. and dig a little bit for the truth. All to often much of what we read and watch in main stream news is very bias, and not very truthful in it's reporting.

I think http://rt.com/ is an excellent news source to start with. they always have a great article of the same  news on MSM news sites, and many more important ones you would never see in MSM.

I'll never forget the day Mark Mentzer told me he's changed his view point and has effectively been woken up to the lies and distortions around him. I you haven't already you've got to check out his new group forum on FB http://www.facebook.com/groups/conspiracy.theory/ He used to be the liberal of liberals amongst you folks, creator of the Left Wing Politics group here. You don't find him here much any more. you find him running his group on FB these days.

WAKE UP people. I'm sure you know something is wrong these days, and it's not a Republican vrs Democrat issue, nor is it liberal vrs. conservative one. It's a Government gone wild problem and it's going to bit us in the ass if we don't stop it in it's tracks...

how is it Bull when all I'm suggesting is do more research?

“Government gone wild issue…” as you say.  Mandating a probe into the vaginas of the unwilling? Pretty wild, all right, Toolman. Agreed. Business mavens thinking they are too big to be taxed, Governors shaking down hospitals for dying children for campaign contributions or he cuts off funding…. Cops who are no longer responsible for shooting unarmed suspects, because the DA always finds it “justified,” no matter what. Yep, something happening, all right, and none of it a help to those in need.

I just get the idea, Toolman, that for you and many others, this particular pres needs to jump a higher bar than those past. One of your comments was about a “lying, black president,” Really? What adjective carries the weight? You may truly believe he lies, but is it because he is black? If not, lose the adjective, because it gives people the impression you are blinded by prejudgment.

I am happy to do more research. However, you seem to be running down a rabbit hole in your obsession. I think it was about 6 months ago or so you advanced some site, in this forum, that had PROOF POSITIVE that  the pres was” not a citizen” and was going to be called out – I guess maybe impeached - Where did that go? Made you look like you were wearing a rubber nose and inflated shoes, then.( Honk, honk). What is different now?

Very well said _2.

Ok I lose the adjective, they all lie. as far as the pres not being a citizen, Sheriff Joe Arpaio has pretty well proved the Birth Certificate and his civil service or "draft" card a fake. THat doesn't prove he's not a Citizen, but by his own admission he's not a natural Born citizen, which makes him not eligible. and there's another issue coming out that if you run his SS# it comes out that he is 118 yrs old? weird to say the least..

legitimate cases keep coming out, and the pressure is on. seems someone gets bought off every time there's a valid case.  It'll happen I think. We will get him out of there sooner or later, by either impeachment, Revolution or re-election.  An d if for some strange reason he gets re-elected I'd say you can count on violence in the streets revolution. I just don't think the people are going to put up with they're rights being taken away from them any further...

Sheriff Arpaio's news conference


Any such events would be brought on by people like you that are so filled with hate and racism that they don't know the truth when it hits them over the head.

Sheriff Arpaio is a crook and a severe racist. I wouldn't believe him if he said it was raining in the middle of a hurricane.

well then don't there are plenty of other sources that conclude the same thing.

I'm not the one who is racist here though...

I don't have a problem with blacks as a rule, I have a definite issue with Government though. I believe it wont be too long and we won't have any rights left, and the Constitution will be null and void. We had better  get our act together and realize it's just not a republican vrs Democrat battle. It's a people vrs the Government issue. Right now they're winning, at least till more people wake up. It's the Government, it's the main stream media, It's big business, it's big banks and they're all teamed up against us. We can do something about it, but we all have to rise and stand against it. Right now Obama serves as the best figurehead to go against, before it was Bush. Personally I don't see one iota of change between those two administrations. Bush's presidency blended right into Obama's seamlessly and all they had to do was blame Bush to do it...




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