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breaking news!!! Congress beginning impeachment proceeding against OBAMA!!!! yipeeee

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I already know that he killed Bin Laden, I'd like to hear about the things he's done that I don't know about.

Track this bill on GovTrack.us.

It seems to have been sent to the Judiciary Committee.

Another good place to look is Congressman Walter Jones's (R-NC) own page in GovTrack.us where his legislative history is  outlined in detail. 

It doesn't look like this bill has much of a chance in the House.

open congress is a great place to track it too.


I wouldn't say it has no chance though.

I find it mind boggling to think that Obama and the Joint chief of staff Panetta could testify before Congress and tell them they have no power to stop them and that they will tell Congress what they want to do about military action. I think that takes a lot of balls, and Congress isn't likely to just sit down and shut up about it.. JMHO

Just so you don't continue to make the same mistake. Leon Panetta is Secretary of Defense, not on the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Not a small mistake. He is a civilian and the Joint Chiefs are military.

you will never see this on corporate media, veterans ans active duty troops marching on the white house, turning they're backs on the Obama administration, and saluting the veterans and troops that have committed suicide since Obama took office, which BTW has reached a staggering 18 per day!!!!!!

And you people want to praise this communist? geesh.....


18 per day?  That's almost as high as 2008!

if your suggesting Bush wasn't any better, I completely concur...

Looks like the Republican marching orders.

Agreed, P. A.

I would say it's Government and media in general. both party's and all Main stream media networks included.

This is the fastest growing independent news source, absolutely exploding in popularity all across the globe with millions and millions of viewer's. they're already blowing away MSNBC by over triple the viewership, and fast aproaching the others. and the reason for that popularity? is the lack of real news on any and all of the MSM networks.


I've checked out your online "news source" and it appears to be notning more than some far right wing conspiracy theorist operating out of his basement on a short wave radio and a computer. I had a cousin who used to listen to this garbage back in the 90's......he finally out grew it.




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