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breaking news!!! Congress beginning impeachment proceeding against OBAMA!!!! yipeeee

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I don't hate anyone because they are successful but being successful does not make you better than me. I paid 25% in taxes last years and Mitt Romney paid about 15%. I think he makes much more money than I do and could easily afford to pay at least the same rate I do.

Mark gave the whole US a kick in the teeth. (Face Book Co. Founder)

He only has to pay 15% capital gains tax.

15% you might add is not fair? How else do we get the people to invest in the stock market?

Maybe if we gave them a toaster?

They already have the money to invest!!!!!!!! They don't need a toaster or another tax break. Why is that so difficult to understand????

You want to keep giving people like him more and more and more to do what??????....buy another freakin' yacht or another mansion????

*excuse me...I gotta go throw up*

Just noticed something; it's been well over 2 months since Tool orgasmed out the headline for this thread and not one word of have we heard from the real news organizations about an impending impeachment.

What about Tool?????

I knew you folks would have a fit about a 15% tax rate.

The stock market crashed in 1929 and broke everyone but the smart ones. (all the banks sent their customers money to money heaven)

People talk about greed. I think we need to be careful of our securities markets as they are semi-solvent by trust only. If our economy dies, only a handful of people will be rich again and I mean someone with a hundred bucks.

Our economy is a mess and let’s stop blaming people and fix it. I sometimes wonder about Obama’s advisors. Do they think money grows on trees?

Tool probably thinks people are playing bop the golpher and everytime he puts his head out he get bopped.

I know the feeling.

Have ever checked the facts, darroll? Spending during Obama's 3 years in office has been pretty much in line with the last years of Bush. No huge increases at all.

Congress is the problem, they voted themselves a huge pay raise and won't cut any programs.

Unless he constructed a fictitious life for our benefit, I presume he is busy in Ohio getting ready for our impending doom.

When it first happened here on April 28, I feared that he was Peter Keller, that guy who killed his family and was killed himself while defending his bunker in the foothills of the Cascades.

We haven't heard from Mr. Tool in these TBD parts since April 12, bless his heart.

USA =pseudo-political culture  (Media does a good job befuddling the public so it can't separate the facts from the fancy.) Just remember, statistics is all a matter of perception when there is a political agenda behind it.

HCR 107 is a resolution of impeachment against Obama, based on the President’s history of circumventing Congress in launching wars of aggression,.....

Just suppose Obama is impeached (by a long stretch of the imagination), he would have ground to file a counter suit based on racial discrimination. Didn't Dubya  launch wars of aggression using unsavory tactics?  (Cheney & Daddy)

Dubya did in fact just that Maricel and it worked because his regime played the "fear" card on the general public.


circumventing Congress in launching wars of aggression,..... end quote

It’s listed in Obama’s legacy.




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