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breaking news!!! Congress beginning impeachment proceeding against OBAMA!!!! yipeeee

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Unless you think that minorities, women, and homosexuals don't deserve rights? End quote.
These crybabies have all the rights.
I’m talking about someone that wants to pray before a football game that they don’t get hurt.

There is no law anywhere that says you can't pray before a football game or anywhere else you want to. However you can't force your prayer on others.

Have you ever read the Bible darroll?

Matthew 6:6

But thou, when thou prayest, enter into thy closet, and when thou hast shut thy door, pray to thy Father which is in secret; and thy Father which seeth in secret shall reward thee openly

A team gets together to say a prayer before a football game.
Someone goes home and tells their parents and the ACLU is called and the practice is stopped.
Minorities, women, and homosexuals do their thing and the ACLU leaves them alone.

I ask you again. Have you ever read the Bible? I even gave you Book, Chapter and Verse. Public group prayer is not unconstitutional but forcing peope to listen to you is. If you follow the Bible public prayer is wrong.

What thing are you talking about? Being black or a woman or a gay person is not unconstituional

And if I called you an ignorant, narrow-minded fool you'd make me out to be the bad guy... End Quote:
I would look at myself and see if I was any of the above (I could be one). The white guys are the only group that are not protected by special laws or regulations. This forces some of the white guys to act like women’s libbers so they can fit into society.

I feel your pain.

Ya just can't argue with stupid.

Right, Bob. That is what's so painful.

Not "could be one", most definitely are one!


"white guys" don't need to protected, jackass, because they weren't the ones who were  denied the vote, they weren't the ones being hanged and burned in the woods of Alabama, they weren't the ones being beaten to death because of their sexual orientation...


You, and people like you, sicken me.

A departure from my usual wise cracking, I stand right beside Quinn on this.

What's scary is he gets to vote........and he can reproduce.

Ahhh. darroll you'e been reading tool's notes again, haven't you???

No more hugging in some schools.
How cold can this country be when you can't hug a child after her bunny died.
Is the ACLU going to fight this ruling or they the cause.




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