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breaking news!!! Congress beginning impeachment proceeding against OBAMA!!!! yipeeee

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Education for darroll

Mr. Stepp……………. Sorry. Hope you learn to feel better about yourself.

Robbie as long as some of our politicians are rich, do you really think they are going to tax themselves?

It sounds good talking about taxing the rich, this gets the middle class feeling good. While they tax the crap out of us.

Carlin is right: they have us looking the other way while they pick our pockets.

Nothing will change, we just keep voting the same people that caused this mess back into their office.

"Mr. Stepp……………. Sorry. Hope you learn to feel better about yourself."

Thankee, Sai,.........I already feel real good about myself, and I feel even better after hanging around here listening to the likes of you and toolmaker.

This is interesting.  It seemed to belong here, so I am posting it.


Thanks so much for posting this, Faye. I read the transcript a few weeks ago and failed to save it. This man makes more sense than all the politicians put together, especially the conservative ones..

Of course the conservatives in this crowd will swear there were about 50 or so middle class warriors armed with AK 47's standing just outside camera range forcing him to read the script.   LOL!!!

I think it’s a great idea to show our hate for the rich by taking their money anyway we can.

The government tried to take the co-founders of Face Book’s money. He left the country.

All of this goofy thinking has sure produced jobs.

Don’t cry when you can’t find a wine-o to give you a job.

Just hate yourself into the poor house.


I was always told to want in one hand, and pee in the other.

And see which one fills up first.

....and be careful which hand you use to wipe your brow.

Oh get off it, darroll.!!!!!!!!
I don't hate the rich. I'd like to be one, but we all can't be rich, can we??? That would take all the fun out of life. !
But I would like to see them knocked off their self constructed pedestals and actually pay their share of taxes back to the country that helped make them rich.


Now I’m gestimating:

This is our tax code, how are we going to tax the rich guys?

Someone that makes $40.00 per year pays nothing.

Someone that makes $40.000 per year pays $400.00.

Someone that makes $4000000 per year pays $40,000.00.

We have to change our whole tax code to tax the rich.

They (The Government) is not going to do this.

I wish they would quit telling us they will.


There is already a tax code in place to handle this situation if the loopholes and subsidies were to be eliminated that only the rich can take advantage of.

Tax laws are written by rich lawyers hired by the rich (aka congress) to make sure the rich don't pay what they really owe.




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