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breaking news!!! Congress beginning impeachment proceeding against OBAMA!!!! yipeeee

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Maybe????      You Think?????

well, I'm not working for cash anyways, LOL not paying tax's. but family is Ok and doing well.

WE don't eat out of the grocery store much, and that's actually been a blessing with serious health benefits. working on receiving more payments in actual money and not fiat cash.

difficult but getting easier the more the fiat currency gets trashed by Obama and gang..

Obama walks on water and everything he says is sacrosanct...!!!BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!


darroll do you even know who is actually the head of all military in the U.S.? end quote.


Obama is the commander in chief. I can’t see any of our military disobeying his orders. (Even when he says, run)............


now here's a really smart radical liberal Democrat fellow....

The shift in mindset of American voters this past decade:

At this point, I'm for outsourcing our head of states. LOL

Did anyone else see this episode of The Soupy Sales Show?

I was a l'il whippersnapper back then but at that age I would have appreciated what was behind that door!!!


a national movement under way to Impeach Obama.  yea!!!!!

Uhhhh, tool, you started this thread over a month ago claiming that congress was beginning impeachment proceedings against our President. So what happened to the first impeachment proceedings? The second? Or is he going to be impeached every month? Just checking since you seem to be the only source of this information.




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