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breaking news!!! Congress beginning impeachment proceeding against OBAMA!!!! yipeeee

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Obama preparing for peacetime Martial Law?

if you guys don't start seeing that something is terribly wrong here, your frikin blind...


Major disasters aside from war would be reasons to have emergency plans.

Ok, but why is he implementing them before any war, or in peacetime?

Whats the purpose of implementing Martial basically, when there is no present emergency?

Why does he need the power to seize all personal property, all transportation, all farm equipment, all means of individual sources of power, all personal and agricultural sources of food, and any ones or every ones labor by a forced hand with no compensation.  whew, did I get everything it mentioned in his order?

not sure guess I got to go back and read it again.This is real bad folks, All Obama has to do is say Boo and we're under martial law where he has King like authority over every one, and every business Nationwide with no reason or purpose other than he said so. And we have no rights to redress a grievance what so ever.


Mr. Tool....you really need to get out of the basement away from the short wave radio and the internet. Get a hobby or find a pet, or a woman, anything to get your mind off the horrid state of our our deplorable country. I fear a severe heart attack or nervous breakdown is in your near future.

Very kind of you Bob to think of Tool's health. I am sure he will appreciate it.

Hmmm, get out more, it's pretty and spring lookin out there thats for sure.

as far as pets and a woman, I've got both. heart attack? doubt it. I don't eat the toxic foods from the grocery store to cause one.  only natural foods, raw milk, and fresh veggies for me...

I'm really a nice guy.....always lookin' out for my fellow man.

I am just an Aggie.

Government jobs don't count bubba. if you want to create jobs, only private sector jobs will do us any good.

Times are getting ruff on the farm. I have had to layoff some of my unemployed workers.




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