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breaking news!!! Congress beginning impeachment proceeding against OBAMA!!!! yipeeee

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LOL, well fair enough.

you don't think that the media networks will never end up having to report that impeachment  proceedings have begun?

BTW heres the congressional hearing that got his ass in sooooo much hot water.


Tool, I don't know where you learned math, but it seems to me that if Obama supporters were a very small minority, we would know about it. My perception is that you are a raving lunatic who gets a little crazier every time you post. One thing that I don't understand is why you keep coming back to TBD when so few people here (Read "0") agree with you. Do you consider yourself some kind of missionary, dedicated to spread the truth to the ignorant and uninformed? Where else do you post? Do you have a following anywhere? WTP seems to have dissolved. where did the other crazys go? 

Hmmm, well we shall see just how crazy I am.

actually I pretty much let go of WTP. not sure what to do with it actually.

I still post in there and at times some wandering old friends pop in.

I realize a majority here are a bunch of Obama lovers. so be it I guess.

I do not think he will get a second term, at least not without somehow appointing himself dictator.

Obama gains his support from gifts to the electorate, in other words those that would vote for him have something to gain by it, like healthcare or welfare, etc. etc.. There's not exactly too much entrepreneurial support for him, that's for sure. 

anyone with a brain and some talent has moved on. unless they're just plain prejudice towards having a black president, in which case they could have done a lot better. There's many entrepreneurial friendly black folks. 

As far as why I post truthful news and commentary here against your will? perhaps it's just to rub your noses in the shit you all voted for. As it turns out this black man is stinking up the place.

And I'm not too sure it can be cleaned up too easily. Next time try voting for a president that doesn't promise you the moon and the stars but perhaps try's to nudge you into taking care of yourself and not liable others to do it for you, especially the government. because everything the government does for you it has to take from someone else to do it. And that makes for a lying, thieving black man in the office that we currently have. Never fear though, I'm sure some white guy will come along next and double down on indebtedness and prove himself even worse...

We can only hope that we can get it right someday, but today, we apparently got to kick this one out and try again...

I still like em all though. even if they are misguided a bit.

sometimes I shoot my mouth off too

Do you really think the news media here would ignore this if it were actually true?? I tried clicking on one of your links below, my computer locked up and I finally got a message saying "page could not be found"    I suppose that's a conspiracy too. You really are a piece of work.

Oh, wait....I did get one link to open and among the other earth shattering headlines were, and I quote, "Aliens land in Japan." and "NASA launches flight to the sun."

Real reliable source ya got there, sir.....

wow, really. aliens in Japan? thats a new one. havent seen that one.

heres a spcl gift, I attached the actual congressional document to this post


That doesn't say a word about impeaching President Obama. Who the hell ia Mr. Jones anyway????

a congressman I believe

what do you want, I've given you links to news sites, the .gov site, open congress and several video clips.....

and links to people that actually report news, not propaganda.

and that PDF came directly from the library of congress...

So, other than a CNN or MSNBC news broad cast to get you to believe it.

I don't know what you want? Your not going to hear this in the main stream news for a long while yet. This was just files late last week. it has no co sponsors yet, but congress has went home. so there's not going to be any cosponsors till they get back. All I've been trying to point out is your news sources are bias. all of them are, even Fox. if it's main stream media you can bet it's propaganda. and all it's doing is creating hate, and touche' moments between two political parties. for which you and other TBD friends are absolutely a victim. I used to be into Fox, got tired of the bickering it created between MSNBC listeners. So I quit, started getting the real truth, and getting it quicker than anyone watching the TV news. It's out there, all you got to do is look for it.  However with that said, The truth is going to be brutally painful to take.

and as far as impeachment, what the hell do you think it mean when it says high crimes and misdemeanors? Dude, that's treason!!!!!!

and if Obama fucks up one more time, that's exactly what he's going to be charged with!!!!!

news of impeachment proceedings makes Russian news agency, RT.com


but still not a peep from American propaganda news agencies.

still no peeps from mainstream propaganda news. but it just made the WND.com

some of you guys reference this one from time to time don't you?


Tool, the WND is the biggest goddamn liar on the internet. Going to them for the "truth" about Obama is like reading Mein Kampf to learn the "truth" about the jews.




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