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Usually the new year finds me in great spirits. Toms back to work, the kids are in school, my routine gets re-established. But not this year. Although its true I'm getting over this flu (that always leaves me depressed), I just cant get myself excited about anything. Maybe its the wretched cold. Dont know.

I realize that for major depression, there are major drugs, but outside of that, what quick fixes do y'all have out there? And happy new year to all of you! You are dear and wonderful people.

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Two weeks in the Carribean usually does it for me but it comes back when I have to come home.
I have percocet...
I have a $400 bead list going...
I'm not depressed, I'm just BORED.
Do you know that I almost never get bored? That is such a blessing! L, MS.
Do something wickedly sinful.
Sing as loud as you can to a favorite or most hated song.
Take a shower until the hot water is gone and then enjoy the freezing exhilirating cold water.
Have sex in a restaurant.
Use your charge card: buy happiness.

Let me know how it goes.
I like the sex in a restaurant idea.

who don't?

Or, an alternative fun thing, without a date (since most depressed people don't want a companion cheering them up at dinner), masturbating at a fine dining establishment is worth a try.

A thrill is needed!
WOW, Karen, You are giving me all kinds of FUN things to do to relieve my boredom. What a thrill that would be!!!

I did that once, but then I was afraid to order the Jerked Chicken.
Hahahahahaha. I love you already!
Love helps!

Also, funesthemostest -- you know who I mean -- gave me an excellent miracle pill, called EFT. I'm not easily sucked into things, but this EFT thing has helped depression, physical pain (just got over "tennis elbow" with this), and I'm not hypnotic gullible! I'm a big cynic.

Check this out: you don't even need to believe and you don't have to pay for pills or therapy:




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