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It looks like sarah and I are going to go to Biloxi. Does anyone have any tips about the area, places to stay, eat, play, drink. We want a pool. VRBO is a great site. Nearby attractions? We will probably drive down because I want Sarah to see some of the US (she's been all over the world...in a plane), even though airfares are super cheep ($237 RT/pp from Newark. Plus the miata with the roof down will help stabalize my sanity. Thanks guys, and if you live in the are or on the way, we MUST enjoy a cocktail together. Love you all! Jackie

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We're a little bit out of your way. But if you want to drive across PA and then head south, Kittycat and I will have a cocktail with ya. Sorry, I don't have any Biloxi tips.

Post pics!
Thanks Lar! We decided to fly . It's $238 RT cant beat that! Next time...or if your ever in NJ, let me know! Loveya! Jackie




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