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Anything interesting happen while I was out? Anybody marry anybody else? Anybody jump ship? MyAtlantis revealed as just another Bernie Madoff scheme? Any charming new members revealed to be creepy gelatinous invaders from Altair 6? It's so hard to keep abreast of things these days....

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Must be the new car. LOL
A "vacation", she says...Hoo-Boy, if she only knew...
That is all.
Why, Thank You.
Pirates (Click Me)
Cap'n Dazz - and the pleasure is all mine ;) !
I thought there was something missing. I just couldn't put my finger on it. I didn't realize what was wrong till I tried to blow my nose and a bunch of clowns came out.
(Glad you're back Dude)
Welcome back Snagg!
Welcome back, Snaggy! Here's a good way to keep abreast (or two), while playing your cards close to your chest:

From the "Miss Kitty" Collection, I assume...?

Or at least, somebody named "Blanche" or "Lil" ?
Share with us, what you did.,
That's a long story.....

Mainly, tore up our living room rug and padding and then watched as some guys laid ceramic tile, then grouted and sealed it, which was when I painted the East wall, which turned out so beautifully that the fiancee decided that the entire room needed painting, which led to several day's extra work and we're still not done, as I am now officially on Temporary Disability due to a work-related injury (Which is where I found the time off work to get all of this stuff done), as the work restrictions prevent me from doing any heavy lifting, and we have to find a couple of guys to move our TV and furniture back into the room and place it in the properly-aesthetically-and-fiancee-pleasing location.

All this while a friend who was moving to Texas borrowed my truck to put some of her stuff in storage and managed to run it into a pole in the process, causing $1600 damage, which she will of course graciously pay for, as she figures that what with her hitting a deer and totaling her own car on the trip down to Texas two days later, she might as well go Whole Hog on her insurance premiums.

There have been, as well, several other "interesting" (In the sense that World Destruction is "interesting") complications piled on top of all this, so in all it's been a somewhat tumultuous ten days.
The most important news is that you are here and have restored balance to the ning. The forces of evil now will become confused and scatter in directionless flight.




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