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These are all photos of Watkins Glen abuot 20 minutes from where Tee ,Dee and I  met up last fall. Its huge with stone steps cut in to the walls so you can hike all the up the glen, under the waterfalls and everything. The top photo has one of the stone bridges in it.

Very cool DD!!!

Super cool and beautiful. I had no idea Watkins Glen was so gorgeous! 

yeah it is truly magnificent. Google has many photos of the glen.

From the web...The Dallol volcano, or rather the Dallol hydrothermal field is located in a remote part of the northern Danakil Depression in NE Ethiopia. It is the lowest known sub-aerial volcanic area in the world. 
Dallol is one of the world's most spectacular landscape: a vast area of uplifted thick salt deposits affected by intense fumarolic activity, probably caused by an active volcanic system beneath several kilometers of evaporation salt deposits. 
Dallol is said to be the hottest place on the planet, with average annual temperatures well above 30 deg C. 
The area commonly referred to Dallol volcano contains the approx. 1.5 x 3 km wide Dallol "mountain" (rising about 50 m above the great salt lake) near the border with Eritrea, and nearby warm springs including the Yellow Lake, the Black Mountain with the Blue Lake, said to be an explosion crater from a hydrothermal eruption in 1926. 
Dallol is famous for its hot brine, and multicolored white, pink, red, yellow, green, gray and black salt deposits, hot springs and miniature geysers. These bizarre structures form in a complex interaction of solution and recrystallization processes driven by hydrothermal waters and rapid evaporation.


scaryscaryscary... somethings that would burn the Dodgers skin off! Monstins?!


I agree DD. But when Mother Nature does her thing, ya never know what you're gonna get. 

Had to go and find something more soothing for you!

... soooothing the anxious Dodger... smooches

Baby Beaver nap time.

I'd like to see where this path goes.




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