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I think I could sit here for hours.

Is there a natural place neer you to go find a little peace of mind honey? A state park maybe?

I'm sure there are several within driving distance DD. Just a matter of dragging my butt into the car and doing it. 

 Its surly understandable that you are fatigued my brother. Yuo've got a war going on inside your body. 

Had my second dose yesterday, and am still feeling fine. A tiny bit tired, but that's all so far. Must be all that good juju that's been coming my way.

Great news! I think it may have something to do with your major mojo, Beautiful Bub! :>)

Of course, you can be sure that the good juju will keep flowing your way.

what Angharad said Bubba!

This is truly peaceful TeeBubba. I wish I could be there too.

That would be a good place to hold hands!!

WOW... That is a amazeing photograph Tee!!! Man I wonder what kind of flowers those are beautiful.

They're azaleas, I think, DD. What a magical photo, Tee!




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