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I just read a poll that says 61% of US Citizens favor AZ immigration law. 70% of whites favor it.

Does this mean that we'll soon have a national law requiring everyone to carry identification papers?

As usual, I try to look at the bright side.  The silver lining.

I'm fully retired. Most of my income comes from a military pension and Social Security. I also recently read that the percentage of the US population's income from Government sources had increased and non government sources had decreased. The article went on to state that this was unsustainable. Initiallly this caused me great concern. Then the light bulb went on. If I should lose my income and run out of savings, what recourse would I have? Why, just get rid of all indentification proving citizenship. The government would then put me in prison. They would feed and clothe me. Provide me with a cot. Health care. Entertainment.

Wow, what a relief. It is comforting to have a backup plan.  

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No Thanks. I like it here. Just don't like the idea that I should give up the freedoms I spent 22 years fighting for.
I agree Bill. It seems the inconvenience would be a small price to pay.
Doesn't Matter, Is that is because you already live under that inconvenience?
Bill, if I break a law or I am in a restricted area, or I am driving and am asked for drivers license, or want to get on an airplain I respond positiviely to a law officers request for ID. If I am standing on the sidewalk and a law officer comes up and asks to see my idenification, I will ask the reason. If I do not think the reason is good enough I will not produce Id. If there is a warrant with my name on it, I will show ID. If not, We will decide in court what the constitution thinks is unreasonable search. These things do not normally move in giant leaps. Governments tend to slowly erode your rights. You wake up one day and find that you are living in a police state.
I am curious about why you feel so strongly about this problem that you are willing to carry identification at all times to prove that you have a right to be on the street or in your own house. Have you personally experienced conflict with illegal aliens? Have they stolen from you? Have they beaten you? Why are you willing to give up any amount of freedom to stop illegal immigration? Don't you think there might be a better way? I am in full agreement with you that if there were no employment for illegals they wouldn't be here. I don't think they have any right to be here. I don't think that they have any right to any government services. But I am not willing to give up any of my freedom to solve this problem.
Bill, You are right. It does indeed invoke emotions and visions of Nazi Germany and The Soviet state for me. However, I disagree with you that giving up my freedom from having to Identify myself to any local constable just because he thinks he has the authority to make me, is going to make this a better place to live. The problems with your tax money being spent on illegals is not caused by me refusing to prove my citizenship at any time or anyplace. It is cause by your elected representatives allowing current laws to go uninforced.
Go ahead give up your freedoms to try to solve the problem. But I refuse to give up mine.
And your comparison of the immigration problem to WWII does great disservice to those who fought it.
How selfish, you need to think of Happy first.
Hey he has a dog tag that he doesn't mind wearing.
Some places require dog tags.




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