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Cute little stinkers, ain't they? Except for those claws that could disembowel a jaguar.

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I was kinda thinkin more along these lines.

Did you read that?

I think it was a headline in the HoChro.
I'd like to have a slice of pru...ne tart.

That looks delicious. Pru is very tasteful, isn't she? And I love her fingernails.

Pru, I don't know where you got that idea. We all know you are a paragon of rectitude.

And don't tell us it's just from lack of opportunity.
Hee hee hee! I can hardly keep a straight face. I really didn't think of that when I wrote it, and then it was too late. I was thinking of SoHo and such. You'd hate New York, where they're always saying, "So, Ho."

You know I'm not really good at snarky. I hope. I'm better at sloth. Snarks are too hard to hunt.
Speaking of claws. we were speaking of claws weren't we? Before the sharks I mean.

He is an absolutely beamish baby, Robbie.





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