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 It's way too soon to celebrate. Every legislator who voted for it is hoping and praying that he/she was right. I'm hoping and praying they were right too.


Only time will tell.

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Hey You...stop stealing my copyrighted lines. :-)
Yep, we needed a foundation on which to work. A much simpler foundation would have done fine.
Yep, we do tend to agree to disagree, KathyArlene. We both have our own minds and sometimes we don't think alike. Such is life. Somehow we manage to respect each other's opinions even when we don't like each other's opinions. Just think how boring life would be if we all thought the same and did everything the same. :)
((((((((((((((HUGS)))))))))))) I do love those hugs!!!! :)
Me too! Now go get me a beer.
Hey!!! Get your own darn beer!!!
Hahahahaha ! You two just reminded me of TSD and I - we don't always agree (please - a true Southern lad and a European/Canadian/British/American confusion - oh MY ;-D - you should see the sparks fly !!!) but one thing he never says . . . is "Go get me a beer". He says " Would you get me a beer too please sweetpea" !!!

TSD is essentially Libertarian minded, and I of course have been living very successfully in Canada with universal medical care - without any problems ever for myself, my family, or my friends. Returning to this country has been a big culture shock, and learning curve. I could at any time discuss American Foreign policy, but the divisions within America, and the day to day struggles - well this is something one only really learns of - living here. Thankfully TSD is patient with my questions, and so are many of you here - for which I say thanks y'all !

Larry - here, have a nice cold Molson Golden ;) !
Thank you sweetie!
I'll get you a beer Larry, I'll even put it in a glass for you...[that way he won't notice that I spit in it]
at this point I say WTF---I heard that another president can overturn this, but===
I hope not. Improve upon it is what I would like to see.
RRC, You're bad!! lol




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