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A flight of geese landed on the pond/lake a little bit ago. They stayed just long enough to be annoying with their honks and squabbles. They then flew off....announcing their flight with the echoing noise typical of their kind. So......what makes a pond a lake?.....a stream a creek....or a river? I do know a pig becomes a hog once it reaches 120 pounds. And a flock of crows is called a murder......who comes up with these terms? Should I just go back to bed?

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Naw, stay awake, I like the way you think. I don't have any answers though.
HAHAHAHAHA........stay indoors and drink the Wild Turkey.....drink enough....you'll see pigs fly...hogs too!
hmmmmm........maybe for the body of water's self esteem....I should call it a lake!? The biggest lake I've ever been on....the best lake...just right....a lake that always makes me happy. And if it was any bigger....It would be an ocean....waaayyyy too big for me!
Do you think it would be hurt if I floated my boat on another lake? a bigger one.....deeper...rougher!?
What I like most about lakes is that I can have just as much fun with a kayak as I can with a yacht. It just takes longer to cross the lake in a kayak.......and it takes a lot more work too.

hmmm......I think I just told the world that I have a little boat....hahahahah
You missed out on a goose dinner.
The wild ones are good eating.
The greatest bird bombardiers are seagulls. While they sometimes fly together, they are never in formation. Seagulls go after their targets individually, we especially find this to be true while fishing on a boat in the ocean. Pelicans, to me are the most pleasurable to watch as they fly high in V formation, or skimming the waves in single file.....

Part of my work week I am a water keeper at a storage reservoir. The tributary is an aqueduct. This man made lake is confused, never knowing if it is half full or half empty. Sometimes the seagulls come inland to the lake for R&R.... My job is pretty easy on the streams, river aqueduct and lakes, because nature causes water to flow down hill. So mostly as I herd the water south to the city I just sit under a tree and watch it along with the birds, and think of important stuff like you do Hu .....

That's a huge litter of goslings. Is it called a litter?
Sounds like a cool job Jack.

They just keep coming and never go away.




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