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I haven't received an email from this group in months so I'm wondering if it's still active or has it gone away? 

I have read 2 wonderful books in recent months (and a few not as good) but thought I'd share the 2 I loved to anyone who is still on this site.

The first is Remarkably Bright Creatures which strangely is about an octopus in an aquarium and the connection he makes with the nighttime cleaning lady. I thought it sounded dumb but when I saw how many people were waiting for it at the library I thought I'd give it a try...  Wonderful, charming, heartwarming, etc.,etc., etc. Highly recommended!

The other book I loved (which I just finished) is The Story of Arthur TruLuv. which is about an 85 yr. old man who goes to the cemetery every day to have lunch with his beloved wife who died 6 mo. ago. He befriends a teenager who goes daily during lunch hour to avoid the bullies at her school. She finds the cemetery comforting. Again highly recommended if you like charming, heartwarming novels with good endings. 

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I keep the light on.

thank yuo, The Dyslexic Dodger    Suzan Brink on FB. x

You are welcome, I hope you are doing good.

rapa posted last Dec but haven't heard from her since. 

Her page in FB is silent also.  Is she OK?

I think her last posting was in August of 2022.

I'm still here. The world world went away.

Welcome back, Darroll!




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