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and it seems that ferguson will be back on the front page again ..

everybody is waitin with baited breath here for this grand jury to come back with a verdict .. on the one side the people of ferguson want a guilty verdict and are threatin to make a lot of trouble if they don't get one .. and on the other side is what the law says they can and can't do to darren wilson the officer in question .. they can't change the law or the facts just because some people want it .. wilson said yesterday that he's gonna resign from the ferguson police force .. in light of all thats happened i can't see how he could stay .. his life as he knows it is over .. maybe if he moves to another state and lays low for a couple of years he can start over .. but as of right now he's what i'd call a hardcore unemployable .. who's gonna hire him now even if he did everything right that day ( which at this point nobody can really say for sure ) lets hope if they don't indict him the whole area don't erupt again .. now if ferguson got all the snow that buffalo did it would be the perfect time to make that announcement . too much snow to riot .. i think if he's aquitted there will be some antics .. how bad it'll get all we can do is wait and see.. lets hope its not too bad..  

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Wilson will not be found guilty or not guilty. He will either be indicted and go to trial or simply go free. Personally I don't have any idea what happened that day but a young man is dead. There should at least be a trial to better determine what happened.

It seems like the agitators in Ferguson are planning to screw it up for the protestors. If they do, the authority should stop them DEAD in their tracks.  Enough with the terrorism perpetrated on communities by people who don't work and play well with others. All I'm hearing is that they are gearing up for violence in Ferguson.  When MLK brought millions to DC for his speech, were there threats of massive violence?  What we accept anymore is unacceptable.

It makes me sick to think about another killer going free, however that is probably what will happen.

A young man is dead, yes, true. I find it almost impossible to think that Wilson would shoot him in broad daylight that many times without a reason unless Wilson himself is a psychotic knowing how under scrutiny cops are.

I will not disculpate Brown in this case.  We saw video footage from a few minutes before where he was strong arming the store owner.  He was no angel.  If you want to insure a cop's not killing you, don't do illegal things, don't act like a punk.  I can understand how a cop could be extra vigilant in that neighborhood.  Jay Tapper one night said, "Oh there are gun shots coming from that apartment complex--nothing unusual for this neighborhood."  Please.

I can not take sides so easily in this matter. The thug culture in the inner city holds the good neighbors hostage.  But if the punks start looting and burning, they need to go DOWN.  I'm out of patience. Bring in the riot gear, bring in the damn tanks.  I'm mad as hell that we don't acknowledge where the violence starts--it's with the punks.  My kids are white and I taught them to say Yes sir and No sir when a cop stopped them because they tried it the other way and always got into trouble. Did my son get stopped for stupid things mostly? Yes.  Once it was just his mouth that made me have to go pick him up at the police station, but they knew that kids in this town don't carry guns, so no guns were involved.  Imagine being a young cop and having to go into a neighborhood where every drug dealing crack head punk had a gun?  I think I'd be trigger happy.  That police chief in Michigan spoke the truth.  Time to learn a lesson.

See all the sympathy for the community vs the cops?  This is why I CAN"T call myself a liberal.  If you lie down with dogs, expect fleas, so if you act like a punk and you get shot, don't be surprised.  Even the man who was with his wife who got pulled over--the media made it seem like they were pure victims, but the guy wouldn't get out of the car for 15 minutes because he had pot or an arrest warrant or  something in his backpack.

well .. the grand jury is there to determine if wilson did anything wrong to warrant a trial .. cops are taught at the academy what to do in certain situations .. should they change the academy program ?? maybe .. i don't know .. i'm not in favor of anybody gettin shot for no good reason .. but we all have to ask ourselves how far out of hand do we want the streets to be ?? on the day of the shootin of mike brown there are some things that are not in dispute .. such as his strong arm robbery 10 minutes or so before he was shot .. or the fact that he was by his friends own admission jaywalkin in the middle of the street and when darren wilson rolled up on them and told them to get on the sidewalk they told him we're almost where we are goin and we'll get out of the street then .. so the next question would be at what point do you have the right to disregard a cops authority ?? because tellin him we'll get out of the street when we get where we're goin is not gettin out of the street like they were told .. which is a direct disrespect of darren wilsons authority . now do you think in the academy they're taught to just let people do as they please after you as an officer of the law have just given them a command ?? or do you think they're taught to get the situation under control asap ?? now i know its only jaywalkin but it was blatant disrespect to the officer .. technically wilson could have arrested them then for only that .. not very likely cause most cops will give you a second chance to think it over before you dis them twice .. and smarter people will then comply once they realize this is gonna get outta hand real quick if they don't ..its easier to just get on the sidewalk then to push the issue .. but before it could go that far wilson heard on his radio that there was a strong armed robbery at the convience store down the street and to look for a big guy with a white shirt and a red baseball cap .. at that point he backed up and blocked their path and tried to get out of his squad car and mike brown kicked his door and knocked wilson back into his squad car ..did mike brown hear the police radio and know wilson was gonna arrest him ? i don't know .. now what has been disputed was that wilson at that point grabbed mike brown by the throat from inside his squad car and tried to pull him in thru the window .. now you have to remember that mike brown was 6'5" , i'm not sure how tall wilson was .. but think about it for just a minute .. is this normal police procedure to try to pull a guy into your squad car thru the window ?? especially a guy who's 6'5" and looked to be over 250 pounds  maybe closer to 300 ??  i find that hard to believe .. now maybe wilson did have pretty long arms but to reach a guys throat from the drivers seat ( especially a guy who's 6'5" ) would seem a bit difficult if not completely out of reach .. whats not in dispute is wilson was struck in the face while he was in his squad car and that mike brown tried to take his gun and it went off inside the squad car durin the struggle for control of it .. once the gun went off mike brown and his friend dorian johnson took off runnin and wilson persued them .. from there i'm not sure what exactly happened .. and thats what is in question and what the grand jury has to consider after they hear all the testimony .. did wilson do anything wrong to chase mike brown after he robbed the store and then attacked him ? i'd have to say no on that point .. to shoot him if he did not stop ?? again as an officer of the law you can shoot a suspect who you believe to be a violent menace to society if he won't stop ..and if you'll attack a police officer and try to take his gun after you just committed a strong armed robbery that would qualify as a menace to society ..   so it all boils down to did mike brown stop when he was told and surrender with his hands up ?? usually after an assault to an officer they won't even tell you to put your hands up .. they tell you to get on the ground face down .. NOW .. GET ON THE GROUND FACE DOWN NOW .. did wilson tell mike brown to get on the ground ?? or did he simply ask him to put his hands up??  i don't know the answer to that ..but i'd think after the assault he did ..i'm pretty sure thats standard police procedure so when dorian johnson said mike brown had his hands up and was shot anyway i'm havin a hard time believin him .. but then dorian is not a truthful witness .. he was convicted for perjury not too long before the incident with mike brown so his credibility is nil ..  and if mike brown had gotten down on the ground he'd be alive today .. he'd be charged with strongarm robbery , assaultin an officer , tryin to steal his gun , they'd probably drop the charge of jaywalkin .. but he'd still be alive .. at some point you have to take responsibility for your own actions .. and that goes for cops too .. there's no doubt in my mind that there are rotten cops out there . and they need to be removed from the force .. i'm not so sure that this is one of them cases tho .. 

well the verdict is out and wilson will not be charged .. in light of all the trouble caused so far it would have been so much easier to just put wilson on trial and throw him under the bus .. but then there are the facts about what really happened .. and as much as some don't want to believe them they are still there and in this country you're not supposed to be able to prosecute someone who does somethin thats unpopular with some people even if they riot if they didn't break the law .. so now in the aftermath there will be more businesses burned , people hurt , looting , and people charged with crimes .. and jailed ..i wonder how much damage will be done before it all calms back down again ??    

In my opinion there was a much easier and effective way to have released the results that might have stopped some of the rioting. They let it build up all day and then released the results at night. Surely they could have released them in the middle of the day when the ones acting poorly could be seen. It is almost as if they wanted trouble.

ya know i didn't think of it that way p.a. .. maybe you're right .. in the light of day it might have remained calm .. or calmer .. but the truth is all along there wasn't much unrest durin daylight hours .. so delayin the verdict might not have made a difference anyhow .. the ones who wanted to loot and burn were gonna loot and burn anyway .. if they had been good students of history then all they woulda had to do was research what happened in newark n.j. in the 67 riots .. but i doubt they were , cause if they were they'd know that newark is still burned out in some places .. just left that way .. i can still remember drivin a truck thru there in the 80's and none of them businesses  ever came back .. by now maybe ?? i dunno cause i ain't back to jersey in 25 years . but ferguson won't be much different .. all them small black owned businesses will close for good cause they won't have the money to start back up again .. and places like little cesars and macdonalds will just pull out .. so in essence they ruined their own economy .. and soon they'll be blamin the police because they have to drive 12 miles to find a laundromat .. or 18 miles to get to a supermarket or 7 miles to get a pack of smokes .. 

they want a new way to interact with police and they say its time for an open discussion .. ok what is it you want ?? to be able to attack police officers and not have them shoot you if you won't listen to them ?? i'll say this again , i'm sure there are dirty cops out there and they need to be dealt with .. and if that was the case here i'd be cryin for wilsons removal and arrest too .. but that was not the case here .. what they said this mornin was after 70 hours of testimony to unravel an incident that lasted all of a few minutes from start to finish what they concluded was forensics don't lie .. people do .. half the people who said they saw it were either blind or just bold faced liars .. and the other half once they learned what the autopsy said tried to change their story to reflect what the autopsy said .. in the end the jury believed wilsons story . and HE DID TELL BROWN TO GET ON THE GROUND .. NOT TO PUT HIS HANDS UP LIKE I FIGURED .. and brown was shot in the top of his head as he was rushin towards wilson .. his hands were not up .. they were stretched out tryin to grab wilson as he was tryin to close the gap between them .. he almost made it too .. dropped a few feet in front of wilson .. and mike browns mom is cryin that she has been denied justice .. her son assaulted an officer and got shot in the process .. so how do we change police procedure to make the black community happy ?? if a white cop is assaulted by a black youth just give him your gun ?? i'm not sure what it is they want changed .. what happened here that was improper ??  

god but i am sick of all this crap. and io am talking bout BOTH ends of the spectrum. you either believe in government and the processes or you don't. you  can't believe in things like grand juries and elections but only if it goes the way you want. and this situation has reinforced the extremes on both sides. some black people seem to feel that it was some sort of coverup just like some conspiracy theorists claim the house intelligence committee's investigative report on benghazi is somehow a coverup in spite of it being republican led. and you have some white people getting reinforced in their prejudices against black people . here's an example of one:

"They are getting a head start on Black Friday sales. And turning it into a free for all black Monday."

i live in texas. there are tons of comment on boards about how somehow this is obama's fault and diatribes against blacks and al sharpton etc etc. i am absolutely sick of both 'sides' because there shouldn't be any SIDES to justice. fucking people seem to feel government and police and politics are like sports where you have to win or lose. i'm ready to put most people on ignore

I'm getting ready to go the store and tutor, and I have CNN on. A young black father and his 11 year old son are being interviewed. The man brought tears to my eyes.  He is humiliated and devastated by the destruction that the people of Ferguson wrought on their own neighborhood.  He said there was a business here yesterday, and now it's burned down.  He bought food for his kid and his family there.  He wants to teach his son that this is NOT the thing to do.  He said he tells his son if he wants his rightful place in the world, do well in school. The man broke my heart. A man of dignity has to lie down with dogs because of their bad behavior.  Ugh.

I hate ignorant behavior and I hate ignorant racism that makes people clump all black people together because of the scum bags that live amongst them. There is no excuse for it whatsoever. The people who destroyed Ferguson are just plain bad people. They aren't protesting shit. They are just bad. And because of people like them, neighborhoods like Ferguson are targeted by cops and things like the Mike Brown death happen.  It's not racism.  It's perpetrator profiling. What a sad state of affairs.  I was really hoping that reason would reign, but the scum have taken over again. Sorry MLK and Malcolm X.




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