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I, for one, find that shocking. Only the Georges Bush and the Obamas would be a bigger bomb shell. The end of an era, the annihilation of an institution, the crumbling of a prodigious and colossal monolith.And not just any  colossal monolith...I'm talking the big kahuna of monoliths. The one that causes you to question your essential, innate convictions. How deeply, dear friends, can the abolition of this primordial truth penetrate and fester like a herpes lesion in our already overburdened and crumblimg infrastructure?  Personally I'm envisioning the demise of good old American (apple pie and mom) society.What, my friends, how can I explain this attrocity to my children?

To put it mildly, Mother Sanity is crushed...crushed like a slimy parasitic insect. What are things finally coming to?

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I guess that after 40 years they just got sick of eachother, Maaybe they simply ran out of thinggs to say....

But while we are om the topic of divorce, how 'divorced' can you actually get when you have children, when you've shared so much life together for so long. Unh unh. Its impossible. They need a new word for it.
Bivorce - for gays
Tryvorce - for lawyers
Flyvorce - for pilots
Lievorce - for golfers
Pievorce - for bakers
Ryevorce -for deli owners
We will see how peaceful this breakup will be.
½ dog.
½ cat.
½ car..
½ house.
½ kids.
What is yours is ours and what is mine is mine..
Sad by any means.
Between Al's jeting around, his oversized homes and all the acompanying CO2 emmisions, I think Tipper is hoping to reduce her carbon footprint and earn some green credits by dumping Al .........
Maybe she had to use 1/2 square of TP.
From People:

"The couple, who have resided in his home state of Tennessee after he worked in Washington, D.C., recently purchased a $8.8 million home in Montecito, Calif., Los Angeles Times reported, a few days before their 40th wedding anniversary."

I'm tellin' ya--buying a house is tough on a relationship.
Maybe they considered remodeling - that's often the blushing crow.
Jeepers Jack......just tell your children the truth. Uncle Al's decided to leave his carbon footprint on the body of some thirty year old assistant. I'm merely speculating but think about it for a sec. If Tipper was dumb enough to marry this clown in the first place, why would she want out now that he's successfully conned the public out of millions of dollars ? :)
I swear I never intended it to go this far when I sent Tipper that friend invite.
Jeez DM, Am I incorrect in taking this as a personal insult. Just want to make sure what you mean by this comment before I respond.
You would be incorrect in taking that as a personal insult ROBBIE. ( Why would you take my comment personally ? ) I do admit that I have always been skeptical of Al Gore's motive's in regards to his carbon credits business venture. Just something about potential billions of dollars and a politicians personal integrity that never quite seemed to blend well......for me anyways :)

As a note of interest, I'm giving two to one odds that Al hasn't been a good boy......how much ya in for ? :)
Well the following quote seems to insinuate that anybody who doesn't dislike Al Gore is dumb.

"If Tipper was dumb enough to marry this clown in the first place",

Most people who don't like Al Gore seem to base there dislike on the fact that he is a democrat or that he is smart enough and is in a position to try to alert the world to the fact that there is climate change taking place. We can argue about those points if you like, but when I read the above it seems to me that you are saying pretty clearly that because I do not dislike Al Gore I should be classed as dumb.




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