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TBD now has 2,408 profiles at the time of this posting. So how about it---can we have all 2,408 people say hello to everybody on this thread??? Give us your first names. And maybe just for an added kicker--when was the last time you hug someone?

So hello all 2,407 of you people besides me! My name is Tom---(I know--first time you ever heard of anyone with that name--right?) I just finish hugging 3 of my 8 cats. The other 5 cats feel they must continue thier lifetime protest against me.

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Good evening everyone...all two thousand of you minus one or two...*won't name names...;-D*
My name is not Jay....and I will get hugged real soon. In the mean time I have to catch one on the run from Ted or Lola.
Namaste ~ My given birth name is Susan but I go by Suzy, Suz, and Dr. Suz. Golanv is my given Native name and is Cherokee for 'Raven' so I answer to those also. Got a heart salutation and a melting hug this morning in the middle of our snowstorm. Nice. I send you All a melting hug. ((((Mwah)))) Have a beautiful holiday everyone.
My name is Richard, but no one who knows me ever calls me that. Or Dick. And I just got and gave a bunch of hugs at the RV park because that's what we do wen someone arrives or leaves.
Hello fellow TBD'ers.

Can't recall on the hug thing.
*Just for SG..*
My name is Bob....Last hug worth mentioning was Nov. 8,2009...next one will be Dec. 29th,2009.
Hello, My name is Richard and my dog has been hugged by many more really cute tbd ladies than I. pout, pout..
Hi There. My name is Jack (Jackie to some) and I hugged my Mom today. Oh, I hugged two dogs and one cat too. Wait, I hugged Nadine at the grocery too. You want a piece of this? LOL
Speaking of your mom. Where has she been hiding lately?
You double booger. I was talking to Jack.
Hmmm, That would explain why I don't see her in Forum or Q&A much.
Well, Pru, SOMEBODY has to keep an eye on jack! Why not his mother? Or, maybe she's in her second childhood, and she's learning new tricks! ...oh, my, did I say tricks? LOL.




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