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TBD now has 2,408 profiles at the time of this posting. So how about it---can we have all 2,408 people say hello to everybody on this thread??? Give us your first names. And maybe just for an added kicker--when was the last time you hug someone?

So hello all 2,407 of you people besides me! My name is Tom---(I know--first time you ever heard of anyone with that name--right?) I just finish hugging 3 of my 8 cats. The other 5 cats feel they must continue thier lifetime protest against me.

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Hello everybody (including Larry, so he doesn't continue to pout)!

And hello Tom. I like that name.... it's my son's name too!

People here call me Calli. It's not my real name, but I don't want to ruin my image by changing that now!

I hugged my hubby this morning.
Hello to all 2000+ TBDer's, (yes, even Larry) My name is Dean, but you can call me Bubba. Last hug was about an hour ago. I am due for another one pretty soon.
Hello to all 2,000+ TBDers and my hubby Larry. Geesh! My name is Carol and I can't find Larry to get that Hug from him this morning that he mentioned earlier. Another Geesh!!!
Kittycat---We are all witnesses to the fact taht Larry said he was going to hug u today---so u make sure he keeps his promise--and u go and get that hug from him!!!
Hello my name is Ted and I really need a hug. I don't get them very often except for Caleb.
Wow. That's what I call service.
I think she's working on free oil changes for life.
Uhmmmm....I don't think there is any better way for u to get your headlights worked on any better then that---Pru!!
That's good for an oil change. "And you replace my bad engine..." LOL.
Wow. I think we have the same mechanic. How cool is that? ;) That kind of looks like a 'melting hug' of some sort too. Great pic!
Hi Everyone.
Be sure and have a Merry Christmas.
Is there anyway at all that we can possibly get a brand new, never posted anything on TBD before to post, and let us know your first name--and let us all know when was the last time u either gave--or got a hug?




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