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Tell Congress: Pass Net Neutrality Now

The phone and cable companies are scrambling to kill Net Neutrality so they can inspect and filter content, and overcharge you for using the Web in ways they don't like. Over the past six months alone, these companies have hired 500 lobbyists in Washington to try to stop this bill from becoming law.

It's up to you to tell your members of Congress to side with the public -- not with the corporate lobbyists -- and take a final stand for an open Internet by supporting the Internet Freedom Preservation Act of 2009 (H.R. 3458).


[you can read more about the issue, or click the link in the large banner: Sign Our Petition to Congress]

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If Congress doesn't pass this bill it is just another example of how out of touch with their constituants they have become. Seems that the lobbyists get more attention then the citizens because they're in the Congressmen's face. Isn't it all about the $$$$ ?
Sometimes it does seem that way . . .




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