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Let's celebrate the beauty and power of the human voice without instrumental accompaniment. Any genre, any format.

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Written by a professional vocal quartet of women named VIDA, and inspired by the stories of Sudanese basket weavers who expressed the pain and hope experienced by those in the famine of the 1980s.
I first heard this song performed by our high school group...I love the dissident chords. 

She was wonderful...a huge loss, in my opinion.

How sad, how tragic...

One of the true greats and musical innovators, and an old friend. From his 1985 album "A Cappella" that's all Todd, all the way...

Today I am your chariot horse
Tomorrow I'm your albatross
Suspended by the finest thread
No one could ever see
And when there's breathing in your ear
You put your faith in all you hear
But just how deep those feelings go
I have no way to know
I'll never know

If I was blind
Would you still be my eyes
Or hide everything you see
Pretending to care about me
When all the time
You're just wishing I'd fade away
You just can't bring yourself to

Say out loud the reasons why
You won't admit you realize
The promise you've been living by
Is just an empty shell
You'll come to bear it like a cross
Then start to tear it like frayed gauze
Though I'm ashamed to be afraid
I just can't help myself
Can't help myself

I have the CD - part of the Nonesuch Explorer series of world music. The country is Bali.

It was Todd's cheeky Hanuman mask, wasn't it?! :>)

Bali--what an amazing country of artists. Dreamers making their dreams tangible...

Thanks for this video, Funes. I love the Explorer series--I've heard most from the series on Africa. Post more when you've got time and the inclination.

Switching species, I have the 'Animals of the Jungle' Nonesuch CD. Couldn't find any excerpts on youtube, but it is similar to this clip.




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