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When you type in LOL do you really? And if you LMAO does it....oh never mind.

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If you want. I may have opened a new career. Ubu's School of Acronymetry. There will be a tuition and Felicia will be the headmistress. INLOLATO (I nearly laughed out loud at that one)
I lol
I lmfao
I actually say HA a lot

How about


You know the first five: laughed so hard peed in pants

depends anyone?
I have no idea what it means. I say it out loud all day long and people look at me strangely. I thought it was a gang symbol or a word for "hi" or "I'm cool" or something spiritual.

Hey. Lol! What ups? Lol that. I am all Lol on that, dudes and dudettes. Lol me when you see me.

Maybe that's why they want to talk to me Monday at work.

Thanks Dudes and Dudettes. I may be in a lol of trouble.

dayum. Now I have to start over . . .
Hey Felicia this one looks like an acronym for a mob related organization.....LOL

What can I say I'm from Juhsey....LOL and yes when I type in LOL I am laughing out loud. Sometimes I wake my wife up at night which lets her know I'm on TBD2. Keep em coming.
ROFL !!!
Even if it's dirty?
I never type LOL (this is a first!) but I do it all the time... snicker, snort, chuckle, guffaw, laugh unto tears... and I want to thank all of you for giving me the opportunities, especially in this thread.

Anyone who wants to know how it affects my A will have to inquire via PM.

I plan to buy stock in Kimberly Clark.
nvm?..... Not very mystical?
Snortale Craig......that would be a snort and a chuckle.
BAF? I Hate Acronyms I Don't Understand?




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