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As in, "What's So BAD About..."

Like, fer instance...WSBA letting your dog root around in the neighbor's flower bed?

Not that I've ever let mine do that, Heavens, No...

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WSBA about using the chalkboard to smooth off the edges of your fingernails?

My dog doesn't care for flowerbeds. Now mud puddles are a diferent story.
That's the spirit.

WSBA having your own ideas?
Not one thing is bad about having your own ideas.

WSBA questioning authority?
Not a thing - It's what made this country great.

WSBA not doing the damned dishes the second you're done using them?

WSBA Hallucinogenic drugs?
Not sure. I had a great talk with Elvis one time.

WSBA being late?
Your pay gets docked.

WSBA being early?
We'd get Shrub back.

WSBA over heating car and expressway.
The semi without brakes coming up behind you

WSBA having cake and ice cream for dinner?
There won't be any left for breakfast

WSBA watching HIstory Channel all day?
You missed Oprah and Dr Phil

WSBA self delusion?
The world would come to a screeching halt without it?

WSBA not letting jackasses get you down?




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