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So. Here we are once more

Who's the new guy this time? Ya. You. New guy. Who are ya?

Most of the time I don't really care anymore. Haven't for a long time. No harm no foul, ain't that what they say? And if my ears ain't bleedin', well. What the fuck. I might as well: …


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Yeah-ya SSDD Yeah-ya


Women are by far
the most addictive psychotropic
known to man.

As for the FNG, just tell 'm: next time, in the parking lot, either try a little harder, or kiss my ass.

Tell him. Tell him I said that. And remember - I don't have a sense of humor.

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Woman sets self on fire - and it fucks up Google

YOu may think that sounds kinda funny, like maybe it's my lame attempt at humor - well here's a news flash.



No I don't. Google claims there are seven articles for the above quote: "Woman sets…


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Letters To Letterman - April 24, 2012

Letters To Letterman

Hey Dave - It’s Dave!

You remember me, don’t’cha? Dave? It’s Dave - or Zendog of the ZenDogBlog You remember - sure you do. The Rabid Master. Yeah ya. Haha. That’s me!

Seriously, I’m not Master of My Own Domain. I just don’t give a shit. BWA hahaha! Haha! It’s true.

What? You don’t remember? It’s me! Dave! Oh, oh I get it.…


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Letters to Letterman


Letters to Letterman

Hey Dave, It’s Dave! Can I call ya Dave? You don’t mind, do ya? Dave it is!

Ya, it’s me, Dave here. I know it’s been a while, but I’ve been a bit busy. Really I have. I’ve been busy. Howard Stern has nothing to do with it. So what if I can’t stand that guy. That’s no reason not to keep in touch is it?…


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Upon the Question of Default of Our National Debt

July 6, 2011

The United States government, today, stands mired in political theater and brinkmanship, and as it does so the nation’s economy hangs in the balance, wavering before the precipice of default upon our national debt. Whatever the outcome of this current debate, one thing must be abundantly clear, and that is that no one can, with reason and good faith, cast aspersions upon the President in this…


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Where Were You . . .

I remember where I was nine long years ago today. My neighbor at the time told me to turn on the tv. I watched the second plane hit, I witnessed people jumping, I saw the buildings fall, live on tv. I feel the poignant grief of that day still.

During the week that followed I noted the silence of the sky, broken only by pairs of F-16s leaving Burlington International on patrol, and returning in regular intervals. The quiet was…

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Google, Verison, Net Neutrality, and YOU

What follows is an article from the New York Times - pay close attention now, or pay later . . .

Google and Verizon Near Deal on Web Pay Tiers


Published: August 4, 2010

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Official Warrant and Affidavit


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Some Music:

Four Seasons In One Day by Crowded House

Never Too Late by Three Days Grace



Yeah-ya. I’m sure it’s true. But, you know, just look…

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I was on tv . . . !

Sure I was. That was me. Sure. CBS. Didja miss it? I was the murder victim whose race car blew up. It blew up because he was an asshole. That’s me isn’t it? Of course it is . . . in caricature . . . I mean, it was me, wasn’t it? After all, the clown had four fifths of my first name. And the commercial! “I don’t mind when people cut me off . . .”

Ha-ha. Of course not. I don’t mind being cut off in traffic. Not at all. Unless the…

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I was in the Mayor’s Office Yesterday . . .

Yeah-ya, I was. Can you imagine? I’m not a resident of Burlington, but I was in town having coffee, enjoying the sunshine, you know, and it was a bit chilly out, not much was happening and that gave me time to consider carefully a movement underway in the State Legislature. It seems the former president of Middlebury College wants to change the drinking age in the state from 21 to 18. I don’t like…

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I hate it when . . .

I hate it when . . .

Yeah-ya. That’s it, I really do hate it when. I mean really. I. Really. Hate. It. When. Oh. Yeah. I’ll explain.

I was in town the other day. One of the shop windows was advertising THE NEXT WAVE, and I’ll get to that. The window indicated we would get a preview. It’s supposed to be a fashion statement of some kind. It seems that if the next wave…

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That’s right, DISTURB. What? That isn’t clear? Well of course it isn’t, and you can’t really do much with it now can ya. No you can’t. But if you notice the status line it says DO NOT and really, I’m not even kidding.




I said.

It isn’t even very clever is it, but that’s how they do. Half a line here, half a line there, and then there’s someone cutting in just to embellish…

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Katie Couric Interviews Glen Beck! or RED STORM WARNING

Did you see the news today? It seems there was a RED STORM over Sydney Australia. Huge plumes of red dust carried on the wind from the outback. Dust so thick you couldn’t see, couldn’t breathe.

EeYeah. I know what that’s like. We had one of those around here just this weekend. Ha-ha. EeYeah. A RED STORM. The only thing is NOBODY KNEW.

And as soon as I find that son-ov-a-bitch NOBODY I’m gonna cap his…

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Say, is it just me?

Hey everyone. So by now I guess you’ve all heard that the old Tough Questions and Answers group moderated by George R. has closed, and that’s too bad. I thought there were two or three threads going over there that tended to support my delusional view of the world, ha-ha! But now there is a new one opened up with the same title, moderated by Pacis Dream; you should be able to find it on the…

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She was kinda cute, and kinda young,

and no one knew she kept a pistol

in her purse. She only used it once.

So I wonder: Was she the Master

of her own Domain?

Upon this point we could now dispute . . .

I would see her often at the slams

come Friday nite, and often she would win,

way back in nineteen ninety-nine.

She would feign with innocence,

thinly veil a smile and flirt

with mystery . .… Continue

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Did you hear the news?

Say, did you guys hear the news? It seems Eric Holder has appointed a federal prosecutor, John Durham, to look into the whole business of torture used against terrorists by the CIA. It’s true. Really it’s just another compromise, one that nobody is really happy with. He-he! That nobody sure is easy to please, isn’t he? Ha-ha! Eeyeah. Well anyway. It seems The Left says the investigation focuses too much on the underlings, just…

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The NRA has Friends! Ha-ha! Yes they do . . .

Hey everyone. This seems kinda strange, I mean, I dunno. Maybe it’s not. Maybe it’s just normal and I don’t know what normal really looks like. Ha-ha! Ya. It’s possible. Maybe I don’t. So I dunno. You tell me what you think.

Well, did you hear about the letter I sent off to the NRA? I did, I sent them a letter protesting the protesters in Arizona who showed up outside a hall where the President was speaking. It seems…

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Elegy for the Queen (of Hearts)

Elegy for the Queen (of Hearts)

They sat through candlelight so starry eyed

in Europe's lovely Jewel; lonely Paris.

He asked four words; his stolen heart's demand:

"Will you marry me?" She did whisper, "Yes."

Her lips then lingered on his olive hand

and with that kiss their sorry fate was sealed.

'If,' 'if only,' such words are naught but sand;

upon that kiss did rumored lips…

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