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I mean who do your really trust?? Who would you allow to open any drawer in your house, open any door in your house or your heart? Who would you let see your bank account or your E-Mails?

Trust is the most important thing in any relationship...friendship, with relatives, or romantic.

People walk in and out of your life....so think back and let us know how many people in your life right now do you really trust? What's the most at any one time?

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Right now there are only two people in my life I really trust.
My wife.
That's a very good place to start..

My Mother of course. Then my best friend Hannah. With my life. Also my longtime friend Dario.These three people want nothing from me except for my friendship and love. To love and be loved is the best trust of all. IMO


Only my wife but even then there's some draws I wouldn't volunteer . Those are more a case of if she did , she'd be cool regardless  but I'd still just rather keep them to myself.
He's in deep shit.

Well, if he trusts all, he's a fool.

Well Bob, I trust you.


SS and banking numbers are being forwarded, under separate cover.

Include your birth certificate.....
10-4.  I guess I ought to throw a couple of credit cards in there too, and my mother's maiden name.
Yes, credit cards especially.....you can really trust me...*wink*  *wink*
At this stage of my life I only trust my mother and my little sister.  This is the most important value in life :)




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