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Besides being a consumer and paying taxes, have you gone above and beyond to help your community during this crisis?


I donated a CLEP study guide to our local library and some classic children's books that wound up in the permanent collection. The VFW was having a hard time raising enough money to send a few kids to college and I'm hoping that the CLEP study guide has helped fill the gap somewhat.

I made a decision after Roy passed away that I no longer wanted to drive and traded the car to the cab co for rides and payments. The owner of the cab co is a single mom working 3 jobs. They know the area really well and fill me in on whatever I need to know. Plus I don't have repair bills, insurance payments , snow plowing fees, worry over gas prices and I know that the community which only has one cab co and not enough jobs has a reliable vehicle. Hey , you never know making sure that the community has a decent cab service might have saved a few lives to boot.


My Dad always said; "Pitch in and help out."


Funny how a mentality can stick in your head.

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I paid off my credit card.

I do my best to shop locally to contribute to my little burb's economy.



All the stuff that I've done is pretty small compared to the scope of the problem but knowing that I did something instead of simply beef about it keeps me going.
For every $1 I take in, I try to spend $1.10.  I'm kinda like the government in that regard.

I guess we'll be out of trouble in no time at all. ;-)

Wow! You can print your own money? Hey, maybe if we all did that, we could spend our way out of this mess. If that didn't work, I hear some of the prison food is edible.
Actually, I pay my taxes. And I let my Cousin's wife use my farm to do horse rescue.


Quarter horses?

There was a horse rescue in VT for old racing horses. My friend is seeing a horsewoman and is looking into getting a horse for his 16 acres.

I spend what money I have locally. As most of you know Caleb and I eat out all of the time and we try to go to locally owned restaurants. Sometimes that is just not possible but we try. Of course I am not a multi millionaire so I don't deserve any tax breaks but I do pay may taxes without complaining. For the life of me I can't figure out what kind of country the anti-tax people want to live in.
I know what you mean about paying taxes, that doesn't bother me either as long as I can afford a half way decent life.  It's a brain teaser to straighten this out for certain. I wish the squillionaires that are talking about giving so much away to charity wake up and realize that most people don't want to be a charity and they want what they worked for and put the money into social security instead. Otherwise I worry about how unstable society is becoming. There I said it.

I used to invest in US companies. Recently, however,I "donated" all my stocks to people who could afford them.... Sad but true....hahaha

Seriously, I buy locally whenever possible...vegetables from local organic farms, honey from the local beekeeper,  wine from local vineyards, electronics made in the US, whenever possible. I use local artisans, and tend to shop at mom and pop operations. I buy used/recycled items. I live as green as I can.

I used to (note the past tense :>)) live well within my means, paying credit cards off in full each cycle. I made large purchases with cash to avoid the whole credit thang.

Charitable donations, and so on. Volunteering. The stuff we all do.





Almost done with a quilt that is about 85% upcycled and it looks like I'm going to get paid for my time. Can't post a pic here cause the TBD Gods & Godesses won't allow it. But I've been one of the venders in a small farmer's market.

I hire unemployed people on weekends at the farm.




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