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The house needed painting two years ago and now I'm finaly getting around to it. This year the bugs are extra bad here in Maine cause of a fungus that is killing bats. One bat can eat a rather large pile of bugs. Anyway, I tried everything to get rid of the cloud of midges following me around as I tried to work in the yard. I tried citronella candles, Burt's Bees bug begone stuff, Off, you name it and I think I tried it. Finally after talking to a woman in Vermont about the wonders of vinegar, I tried that rubbed into my skin and wonder of wonders was able to work outside without losing my cool for about 5 hours.  That is until the long horned beetles showed up today as I was putting the finishing touches on the deck railing. Blood curdling screams could be heard the next block over. These bugs like me. They really , really like me. I found one under my shirt , thank God not in my pants. And another one in my hair. Did I mention that they are really, really big bugs? As far as bugs go and totally creepy to find crawling in your clothing.......................................And vinegar does not seem to work on them. In fact , I think that they like it.

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Put some cedar shavings in your flower bed.  Most bugs do not like cedar.
I think it has something to do with Oil. I keep seeing bilboards that say "Dill, Baby , Dill".
Some bugs do not like dill but others like dill.
I had a mouse munching on things in my cabinet and I thought it would be some sort of ordeal to get rid of it. That happened about the same time that my Quaker friend sent me a kilo of mint tea and I thought it was marijuana. The mouse never came back and I still have this gi-normous bag of mint in the cupboard. I think the mouse didn't like the smell of the mint.
I have heard and also tried it. If you eat a lot of vinegar based foods like pickles, cole slaw or certain salad dressing bugs will leave you alone. I eat a lot of those foods and rarely get buy bites. My daughter never eats any of them and she attracks bugs like a magnet.

Or....you could cover yourself in cedar shavings and sprinkle dill seeds over that.

.......................Or get one of those suits that the Haz-Met guys wear.

Also a good idea
Kinky at least.
Thanks yous guys, the long horn beatles were the worst. i even found one stalking me through the house. It was on the couch right behind where i sit. I have no idea why three of these nasty bugs would think i was so attractive. Three in one day, haven't seen any since. i would hate to be up on the tin roof painting and find one in my shirt. i don't think it's just paranoia.

Aww Merry, how miserable. 

I found a few spider bites on me the other morning...I had done some shifting of things in my bedroom earlier that day and must have riled up the little brats. Well last night I doused my bed in spray with lavender...looks like that keeps spiders out of bed. 




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