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Kat, or maybe it was akabukowski, once said to me that everyone thinks their life would make a good book.

She is probably right. What do you think?

Here is your chance.

Let's all tell stories from our experiences as we traveled through time.


Ahh, but there has to be rules. They will be pretty loose, but rules there must be.


1. It can be any experience that you want to tell us about.

2. It can be as short as one line. Or as long as fifty. Anything over thirty will be deleted.

3.You do not have to end the story at fiftyy lines, but you have to quit writing at the end of fiftyy lines. You can not post again until at least one other person  has posted something.

This ensures that everyone gets a chance.

4.You can continue on the same subject or jump to a new one.

5. Nothing is required to be in chronological order.

6. Very Graphic Sexual discriptions should be posted in the sex talk group. You can direct us to go there if we want to read about it.

7. No one will be checking the facts 

8. Additional rules will be posted and implemented as I see fit.

Step right up and post. who knows, the next knock on your door may be Spielberg asking for the movie rights.

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Hunh, that's interesting. Something to think about for certain.

I had just bought the Jeep Liberty. It was pretty cool. All kinds of high tech gizmos. Thought I'd take it out for a drive around the lake.  Lake Livingston, that is. It is a really large, manmade lake in East Texas.

About 20 mile around the lake. past the spillway , past a marina, and back into the boonies. I happen to see a historical marker off to the right. Pru is always asking about historical markers, so I decide to take a picture to let her know how observant I am.  I pull off, get the camera, and stop to think. It is about 100 degrees, I better leave the A/C on for Happy. I walk the 100 feet or so over to the marker. Take a couple pictures and walk back to get into the jeep. The doors are locked. The motor is running. The dog is inside. ARRRRGH!!! What now? I see someone at a house about a couple hundred yards away. I go there .  It is a man and a boy. The man is working on a renovating a building. His son is just along. I explain my situation. He says that his wife has there car and won't be back for a couple hours. However, there is a sheriff's office about 1/2 mile down the road.

I thank him and start walking to the Sheriff's office.  Along the way, I come across a woman sitting in a car talking on a cell phone. I ask her how far it is to the Sheriff's office. she says "get in, I'll take you there". She drops me off at the Sheriff's Station and I go inside. It is larger than I expected. when I get inside, there is a table with a woman sitting behind it. Lots of clipboards with lists on the table. The woman says "Who are you here to visit"? I say "What"? She says, "You need to tell me who you are here to visit and fill out the paperwork". Seems it was visiting day sat the jail.  I start to explain why I'm there when a young, skinny, cross eyed, male in a blue shirt, with a sheriff' star, walks up and asks, "Is there a problem"? I push thoughts of "deliverance" out of my head and explain. He says, "You need to talk to the dispatcher"

I explain my predicament to the dispatcher. She calls a towing company. I walk the 1/2 mile back to the jeep. The tow truck guy, and his wife, arrive about the same time I do. He pounds a rubber wedge in between the door and body of the jeep Liberty and opens the lock. I pay him $52 and we go seperate ways.

The next day I purchase a second key for the sum of $218. I love modern technology.

Happy has not been locked in the car with the motor running since.

I'll devote a chapter in my book about a fanciful Kooner.

Goddess bless Kooner ,


Goddess bless me,


Goddess bless the moon,


And the deep blue sea!

Oh there I be.

I've been sewing a sleeve onto the quilt that's going up in the library by hand. No choice about doing it by hand either. They're getting a longer dowel to hang the quilt on for Monday and I want to get this out of the way so that I can finish painting the sunporch and hang the new blinds.

 I carved the whole thing out to look like the green man of the wood and then the eyes were invisible so I improvised.


It's supposed to be Halloweeny and all that good stuff.





Keeps me out of the pokey, Quinn. I'm afraid I'd wind up in "The Big House" if it wasn't for arts and crafts stuff.
Seriously though, it's a huge boost for my ego and prolly generates the same chemicals as falling in love in the body. I get stoned on this stuff. No need for any illegal drugs or even alchohol. I think when or if they are already studying the benefits of creativity, that's what they're going to say.

Yep. Pretty impressive. That's one of the many great things about this group. We have many different things that turn each of us on. Various kinds of art, writing, dancing, singing, and of course sex. For me, gravity. I love roller coasters, downhill skiing, fast boats, go karts. I have very little artistic ability of any kind, but appreciate that others do. I enjoy most art, just can't produce it.  I guess what I enjoy most is good conversation and sitting around discussing anything and everything. I love swaping stories. TBD has been one of the real joys of my life.

Love you guys and gals.

That's me; Mr. Mush.
Hey Mr Mush, we have the same Birthday coming up. So Happy Birthday to you in advance, I never know if I'll remember simple things like this when it's pertinent to remember them so I better do it now.
Happy Birthday Merry!




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