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Aggie may be tired of being in the shadow of Pru.


If Aggie heads west with Pru it would be a continuation of the old world order.  Aggie heading to the east would offer opportunity to construct a new identity and no longer be constantly compared to Pru.


Aggie cows seem to prefer the east.


Should Aggie head to laid-back left or bound for the rowdy right?

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Good move. Never give away the plot. MS
She wants her own TV network and she does not even watch TV.
This could be a big plus.
Whichever way you go, if you keep going straight ahead long enough you end up right back where you started.
Well, if either of you go north let me know!
If I went west I could play with the Bull Dogs.
I have a bulldog! You could play with one if you go north too!

That is a cute blue eyed bulldog!

Here is my former dog in Blue Bonnets at the farm.
We have the Georgia Bulldogs, so you can play w/the Bulldogs if you go east, too!
That is what I meant to go east. The Georgia Bulldogs beat me up last year.
I did not beat you up. I went to UGA, so I'm a Georgia Bulldog!
I thought you ate Rice.




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