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Aggie may be tired of being in the shadow of Pru.


If Aggie heads west with Pru it would be a continuation of the old world order.  Aggie heading to the east would offer opportunity to construct a new identity and no longer be constantly compared to Pru.


Aggie cows seem to prefer the east.


Should Aggie head to laid-back left or bound for the rowdy right?

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Trust me on this one Aggie, no one has ever compared you to the incomparable Pru. But you'd both be very welcome here on the left coast.
We have had a rivalry since 1894.
The infamous Aggie-Farquar Feud. Yes, news of it has traveled far & wide. One or both of you should come to Atlanta. Robbie & I are gonna need a couple of Mexican Train Dominoes players soon.
Vintery, mintery, cutery, corn,
Apple seed and apple thorn;
Wire, briar, limber lock,
Three geese in a flock.
One flew east,
And one flew west,
And one flew over the cuckoo's nest.

I have no idea what this discussion is actually about.
Very apt, Danny. Nor has anyone else. Thus, prime TBD fodder.

I believe Pru will stay after offered another 25 million and her own TV network to stay. Aggie only gets 20 million to stay.
I'll believe that there's a "rivalry" between you two when you both step into the ring on WWE Raw. Wherever the hell they film that.
Over in College Station, Texas I hear folks are wearing t-shirts "Keep College Station Normal" and "Keep Pru Weird".
Almost ... the shirts actually say "Keep College Station NORML".
My son and I are headed West and then, East. Factor THAT in. Mother Sanity
You could come to Pennsylvania, Aggie! There are TBDers all over this state, and in Eastern Ohio as well.
It is all about TV money.




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