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What's your favorite way to tweak the classic fudge brownie??

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I've been looking for an excuse to make Brownies!!!!

I've put dried cherries in mine.............hm maybe dried cherries and walnuts would be good.

I like my brownies plain.

I challenge Quinn to a cream cheese brownie eating contest. Over or under betting line starts at 21.

I add pecans, dried cranberries, and substitute pomegranate syrup for the water.

DAMN SAM, gotta get me some of those!!

They are quite tasty.



I am a purist with brownies much like I am with so many other things. My brownies should be warm, chewy and free of any additives. No nuts, no fruit and nothing fancy.

I agree, P. A.

And I also agree......three old traditional bastards, we are!

Traditional is a good thing......in many situations.




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