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When the government gets involved with health insurance, they inevitably become involved in health. In NYC, for example, smoking is illegal in all public places, and they're talking about extending the law to parks and such. Restaurants are not allowed to cook with certain types of fat, and nutrition info has to be displayed on many menus.

We cant drink and drive, talk on our cellphones, abuse drugs....how long is it until hamburgers, french fries and icecream become illegal? I can picture being sent to the MD for my obligatory physical, and have manditory (fine-able) restrictions placed on my diet and behavior. (After all, if I dont take my BP meds and have a stroke, I'm costing society a fortune. Does anyone else sense the begining of the end with nationalized health care? MS

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me either
They won't ban unhealthy foods. They are not interested in the health of the population. What they are interested in is generating revenue. They will therefore tax unhealthy foods excessively, and use the excuse of the public good as an excuse. Consumption of unhealthy food will decrease as the cost increases.

They will then claim they need to raise taxes again on unhealthy foods, as the rule of unintended consequences has caused less consumption, and thus less revenue is generated. It is only when the government has drained the public tit dry will they consider banning unhealthy food.

Once the costs of an unhealthy diet exceed the revenue generated....then they will move to outright eliminate unhealthy foods. By then they will have developed an "Unhealthy Lifestyle Tax", which will penalize individuals for costing the public more than their fair share of health costs.
Dear Turquoise, I am not promoting any of these, by any means. I was only responding 'NO' to this line:
"Does anyone else sense the begining of the end with nationalized health care? MS"

There is no correlation. Don't fall for scare tactics. In Britain, where the 'Nanny State' has existed since forever and a day, obesity is rampant and you can still find people stupid enough to do all these things without being arrested, though oddly enough some think that insurance should not cover those who willingly risk their own lives and those of others.

I am thankful for the anti-smoking laws. It has made it possible to enjoy the plane ride or the meal you pay so much for in a restaurant or a drink with friends at the local. I wonder if it was so much health-driven as customer-satisfaction-driven.

I do wish people would take responsibility for their lives, though. Suing McDo because they made you fat...? Suing the tobacco companies for making you smoke? Puh-leeze... get a grip. Maybe back in history when nobody understood the correlation, like asbestos (don't get me started!), but now it's printed on everything and every one knows it.

Thank you.

I guess its finally time to move to Texas

When they outlaw Chicken Fried steak people will just switch to Chicken Fried Bacon.
Don't you know that every time you criticize the government...that a kitten dies! MURDERER!! hahahahaha
I so agree with you!
Where ever did you get all those cats?
I never actually had chicken fried steak.
hmmm. I wonder what airfares look like. Whats the best place in the state?
true. Chicken fried steak is a faux pas in NJ.




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