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Do you have a nagging idea of some condition or event in the future that keeps popping up? Will we need sunblock as thick as mudmask? Will they dig up the stuff we throw away today because they found a use for some of it tomorrow? What if they find a way to make more energy from nuclear waste?

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I see a quincunx of zedonks.
I predict that Funes will continue to be one of the most off the wall TBD'ers. (I mean that with the most respect Dude)
All reliable indicators point towards a shower and a bagel in my immediate future. Good luck with yours.
I predict that it will rain in West Virginia.
I envision in the near future a homeopathic wedgie, or at the very minimum, a rollicking dutch rub for Kooner.
I predict a strong wind will blow all the leaves in to the neighbor's yard.

Ya Beth, I think those leaves need a little "divine intervention".




my leaves always blow into my neighbors yard. I make sure my grass is cut short just to help them move faster.
I predict Quinn will get another Birthday cake before the day is out.
I predict that now that I'm back I'll write another blog.
I predict that since my computer battery is down to about 15% and the people beside me probably wouldn't like it if I cranked up my generator, I better shut down for the night.
I predict that Kooner, at some point in time, just possibly may be be just the teeniest, tiniest bit cranky.  ;-)




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