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I, for one, find that shocking. Only the Georges Bush and the Obamas would be a bigger bomb shell. The end of an era, the annihilation of an institution, the crumbling of a prodigious and colossal monolith.And not just any  colossal monolith...I'm talking the big kahuna of monoliths. The one that causes you to question your essential, innate convictions. How deeply, dear friends, can the abolition of this primordial truth penetrate and fester like a herpes lesion in our already overburdened and crumblimg infrastructure?  Personally I'm envisioning the demise of good old American (apple pie and mom) society.What, my friends, how can I explain this attrocity to my children?

To put it mildly, Mother Sanity is crushed...crushed like a slimy parasitic insect. What are things finally coming to?

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Fair enough ROBBIE......I see where you're coming from now. And I guess it's too late for me to edit as well, huh ?....lol I'm just cynical of most politicians anymore, whether they be conservative or liberal. Too much dirty money exchanging hand to hand. Global warming ......climate change...... whatever they want to label it. I'd be equally distrusting of anybody that positioned themselves to earn potentially more than a billion dollars from as much. For the record ROBBIE....I'm very fond of most of the folks here to date, yourself included. And I have much respect for the intelligence of the posters here as well....again, yourself included. If I demeaned you by that statement ( or anybody else ), I apologize sincerely. But I reserve the right to remain a cynic :)
Ah DM, I do appreciate the response. I often get upset by things posted here and react quicker than I should. I have been guilty many times of making statements using inflammatory words and names that I shouldn't. It never helps sort out the ideas being expressed.

But, it sure as hell feels good at the time.
Define "good", DM.
Let's see about who is the clown. which of these have you done or been DM? Congressman? Senator? Vice President? Presidential candidate (who more than likely actually won but did not create a constitutional crisis when he was robbed) ? Oscar winner? best selling arthur? Noble Peace Prize winner? I would say he is pretty successful clown.
Yes pickle.....you are correct. He is a pretty successful clown. So take THAT ya big bully :)
My folks got divorced after 42 years.....We all (6) said a collective "yea"!!! The interesting twist was that my father remarried 8 mos later....My mother never did...she said she'd "had enough". I got "custody" of her and was glad I had her nearby for the last 20yrs.
I'm not shocked or shaken by the Gores....they have a mighty pricey PR group handling this whole thing....who cares, neither of them will suffer....I certainly won't.. I've got bigger fish to fry.
I don’t like Al, so I won’t pile on too hard.
Anybody that would tell the world’s children that they are slowly going to cook like a piece of bacon in a frying pan is not my favorite type of person.
Nuff said..
Would you rather they not know so they could get out of the frying pan?
So, Darroll, You prefer to remain ignorant of things that might adversly effect you?

You insulting little twerp... Lol...
Our tomatoes won’t do anything. Our lettuce is turning brown.
It’s too damn cold in Oregon to grow crops and you mention global warming.
Bring your coat and enjoy your short visit.

Start with taking that extra "t" out of it.




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