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Think about what you say to a precious child

Think about what you say to a precious child

Teachers in the past can shape the future

thoughts and actions of a child.

My fourth grade teacher was Mrs. Goforth.

She once stood in front of the class saying

only one student got the whole test correct.

She also said the student did not like her.

That student was me.

She probably thought I did NOT like her

because she would not allow me to

check out books for fifth graders.

In my mind I thought “Stupid old bag.”

I had been reading since I was five

and I wanted to read something about science.

We did not have science books at home.

Sorry if there are teachers reading my post.

You need to think about what you say to a precious child.

My parents also let me have a swig or two of Buckeye Beer.

I never abused alcohol from that beer sipping in my adulthood.

I hope nobody wets their shorts reading this story of the past.

© Julia A Knaake

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