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The Very Happy Dreamers

Vagabonds and Gypsies

Here we are and there we go

Staying only a few days,

Weeks, months or years

Wanting Our Own Home

Sometimes living out of suitcase

No place to hang our hats

Belongings not currently needed

Still wrapped in heavy boxes and tape

Wanting Our Own Home

Photos boxed or haphazardly hung

Often only the basics were used

Our abodes look sparse

Multi use items are used

Wanting Our Own Home

Rice cooker cooks a full meal

Even boiling eggs or potatoes

Crock pot can make a cake

As well the stews and soup

Wanting Our Own Home

Color matched clothes

You learn to live with less

Laundered once a week

How long you stay not known

Wanting Our Own Home

It's called the vacation mode

You learn to live meager

Less is best is often said

Almost as someone on the run

Wanting Our Own Home

Weeks and months hunting

Sifting through properties

Making your mind swirl

Your eyes a wild red

Wanting Our Own Home

When will it end

This waiting to nest

Putting down roots

Opening our boxes

Wanting Our Own Home

Yreka ! Found a perfect

Place to hang our hats

Inspections needed

While we hopefully wait

Wanting Our Own Home

We are all packed

Waiting for the call

Being as patient as able

Holding breath biting nails

Wanting Our Own Home

Home is where the heart

Belongs with happiness

Love and harmony

Will live together

Wanting Our Own Home

Patience is Indeed

A virtue of waiting

Overcoming obsticals

Finally we are there

Happy In Our Own Home

©Julia A Knaake

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