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Listen! Listen! Quietly.
Hear The Continuous Deep Sounds.
Almost A Light Rumbling. A Rumbling.
Repeating Low And Steady.

Thrum! Thrum! Thrum!
The Olives Dropping From The Trees.
Green. Black. Brown. Maroon. Pinkish.
Into The Old Wood Collecting Bins.

Gently Hitting Each Another Many Times
The Colorful Olives Flew Steadily Into
The Wood Bins Creaking When They
Moved As Weight Became Heavy.

Air Being Pushed Through Machinery
Wheezed A High Pitch Sound Wafting
Down Through The Long Olive Groves
Buzzing As Bees All Through The Valley

Whirr. Whirr. The Sound Sped.
Quietly And Continually
Repeating Faster And Faster.
A Mesmerizing Sound.

The Sound Of Olives Being Shaken
Off The Trees During Gathering Time
Workers And Machines Shaking The Olive
Trees To Make Good Oil. Extra Virgin!

Machinery Running Continually
Sounds Like Bees Buzzing Over Head.
The Loud High Caterwaul ​Noise Wailed
In The Valley Through The Trees

The Leaves ​And Small Twigs ​Crackled
And Crunched Under Their Feet
As Workers Carrying Their Lunches
Climbing Up To The Orchard To Work

©Julia A Knaake

Harvesting the Olives by hand and old machinery

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Comment by Julia A Knaake on December 4, 2019 at 9:21pm
Dear stressed friends
Sending prayers for you
To release the thoughts
Of anger from your mind. 
It is hard to forgive one
Who does  unwanted harm
 ( physical and /or mental)
To you and even others  
I was taught by my parents
That I should know better. 
That was difficult when I was
A child with a child's mind 
That I should know better
Why me the inexperienced child 
 As I aged growing much wiser
Gaining more knowledge 
Of the people interacted with 
The good and the ill-advised bad
 I understood the wisdom
 Of my very patient parents
© Julia A Knaake



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