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The Land Beyond the Forest 9
Returning back home the newspaper spoke of a tragic fire accident about a friend of the family. The towns people all
gathered together to help the family. The house had caught on fire and the oldest son had saved everyone except himself.
He perished in the fire when the roof collapsed on him as he was carrying out the family pet.
The townsfolk had all taken in the family and was planning on helping them to rebuild. They were also planning Miahai's
funeral services. He was age eighteen and had planned on becoming a teacher. All the children and their parents loved his tireless time with any child. He loved them all and he helped each child with their studies tirelessly.
The old house was gutted and a new home built with all the town pitching in to help in any way they could. When April came the family returned to their new home. The next week the family was informed to be at a certain location at a certain time. They arrived and almost the whole town was there for dedication of the new play park that was named Miahai Play Park. Andrei wrote a poem.

My Angel Do Not Be Sad

My child. Why do you weep?
You are at peace now.
Father I hurt.

My child this is Heaven
there is no pain here.
Father I hurt in my soul.

My angel do not have tears
you are here to shine.
Father I am not worthy.

My child you are perfect.
I made you perfect.
Father I have flaws.

No My cherished child
It was time for you.
Father I left my loves.

My angel they have you
in their hearts forever.
Father I will not see them.

My child yes you will
You will see them every day.
Father I will not touch them.

My child yes you will
this is Heaven above all.
Father I will not see them.

Dear child you will see
your loves forever.
Father I will not hear them.

My child you are new here
you will be able to be with them.
Father my wing feathers fall.

My child each time your loves
see a feather they will feel you.
Father I feel better now.

Yes my child, you will feel the
warmth, the shine you are free.
Father thank you, I am home.

There was much love and caring in the village from then on even to the few orphans that not many had cared about before. More food and clothing donations went to the orphanage. More older folk spent time reading to and teaching basic skills to these children. It was truly a great tribute to Miahai .

You are special,
because you
know how to give
everything to
a family to make
every member
feel blessed.

©Julia A Knaake

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